Nov 2012 14

It isn’t often that I take the pen in my hands but I felt this is one of those times when I felt I would be able to convey the message the best.

As some of you have noticed, we recently introduced a convenience fee for orders being picked up in-store. Some of you expressed dismay about the new fee, so I would like to explain the reason we made the change.

For a long time, we had been puzzled that many orders slated for store pickup were never claimed. Of those that were picked up, many (over 20%) waited for over a month before being picked up.  As you can imagine, this added up over time. With the limited space in NYC this situation grew out of control, and we were out of space at the pickup counter.

About a year ago, we tried to address the situation by sending out reminder emails as well as trying to reach customers by phone. It helped a little but not enough. Unfortunately, this also added labor costs. We considered putting an end to the in-store pickup service, but before doing so we surveyed our customers about their reasons for ordering store pickup. The top three responses were:

1.       It’s convenient.

2.       It’s faster.

3.       It’s free.

Since some of our customers benefited from the service, we decided to keep it and instead add a small convenience fee to cover our costs while maintaining the option for those who benefitted from the speed and convenience.

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you feel there is a better solution. We are certainly open to other ideas.

Herman Klein
Director Adoramapix

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