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I’m an artist, I can’t help it. I see something and I want to deconstruct it and put my own spin on it. It’s something I’ve done as a child, it’s something I do to this very day. So, I thought I would share each week some of the funky things I do with products from Adoramapix.  It’s fun to think outside the box and create art that works for you.

So here we go, week one , we’re doing a craft with the kids for the holidays. So you’ve given the grandparents every picture you can find of your kids and you’re stumped for the holidays. Why not turn their pieces of art work.. into well, art work? ha. I’ll explain.

About one month ago, when Adoramapix ran their special on 8×8 -14 page photo books , I decided to scan all of my daughter’s art work and put them into this photo book.  I enjoy looking back through the school year to see her drawings, pastels, paintings and more. It got me thinking,  since they are already scanned, why not order some square prints of them and turn them into coasters for the grandparents.

So here you’ll see the photo book I made. I then ordered some images as 4×4 size. I chose four of my favorite images for the coasters, but for this demonstration, I’ll just show you the one. I then went to Home Depot and picked up a small pack of tumbled tiles. Now the 4×4 images were just a little too big for the tile, so instead of cutting them down, I decided to rip the edges to give it more of a rough look to it to match the rough tile.

For this art project, we also had to buy Mod Podge and a foam brush.

The beauty of this project is that my 11-year-old was able to do this mostly by herself  with very little help from me. So next we glued the image down to the tile. Then we put several coats of  Mod Podge on top. It’s important to let each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next one.

Now although it looks great once it’s dried. It’s still not complete. Remember, someone is going to put a drink on this so there will be moisture. So we finished this up with a final spray of matt sealer. This step should be done by an adult.. look at all those warning signs!  I did this part, outside on top of parchment paper. Apply several coats again and make sure each coat is dry before applying the next. Now it is sealed.

We made three more coasters of my daughter’s art work and we are now ready for the holidays with a truly unique, home-made gift with the help of Adoramapix. Thank you Adoramapix!



(4) 4×4 tiles

(4) 4×4 prints from ADORAMAPIX

(1) foam brush

(1) bottle of Mod Podge

(1) can of finishing spray/sealer




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