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One in four people around the world will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year, according to the Mental Health Foundation.  With this staggering statistic, there is a non profit organization hoping to shed some light on those affected through photography and an exhibit.

The exhibit is called From Darkness to Light and it’s being featured at the Fountain Gallery, located at 702 Ninth Avenue at 48th Street in New York City from June 26- August 13, 2014. The show represents artists  living with or affected by mental illness  It spotlights photographs by Broken Light Collective, the foremost online photography gallery for people affected by mental illness. Adoramapix is proud to provide prints for this exhibit.

“The photographic mélange of images in this show represents a variety of mental states as well as photographic genres including self-portrait, nature, abstract, street photography and more,” said Danielle Hark, founder of Broken Light Collective. “In these images we observe dark and light, suffering and hope. We  see things that are broken or abandoned, but we also find life emerging from the rubble. We see people in pain as well as those finding light at the end of the tunnel. As an artist with mental illness and a mental health advocate, I am honored to be curating this exhibit for Fountain Gallery.”


From Darkness to Light represents a cross section of the Broken Light Collective online gallery in terms of style, location, age, and mental health and developmental challenges. The 36 photographers from around the globe who are featured in the show have been affected by conditions including depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, addiction, and autism.


Broken Light Collective is a safe and accepting  environment in which photographers of all levels who are affected by mental health challenges can display their work while inspiring one another to keep going and keep creating. Since launching in 2012, Broken Light Collective’s daily online gallery has grown to over 10,000 contributors from more than 150 countries. The team is currently developing new initiatives to further Broken Light’s mission of using photography as a vehicle for fighting stigma, raising awareness, and enhancing the lives of people affected by mental illness.

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Again, the gallery show is from June 26th through August 13th. The opening reception is tomorrow night from 6-8 pm at The Fountain Gallery at 702 Ninth Avenue at 48th Street in New York City.


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As photographers,  we give tangible memories to our clients for them to cherish for generations, but what if you could do more? What if we could help others less fortunate? This is exactly the thought Jamie Delaine and Randy Watson had together. Here is their story and their mission.

My name is Jamie Delaine and I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Vancouver, BC. I’m newly married to an amazing man named Randy Watson, a general contractor and builder by trade. Before we met, Randy and I were both passionate about giving of our finances and time to help others. When we started dating, it was incredible to see how many of our passions aligned. We knew we needed to do something together – so nine months into our marriage, we launched The School Sessions.

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What is the School Sessions about?

The School Sessions is a one-day event across the globe on Sunday, April 12th raising $200,000 to build a school in Haiti. Photographers can sign up online to shoot one (or more!) portrait sessions on April 12th (or anytime before it!) and donate 100% of session fees to The School Sessions. (Click Here to Get Involved)

E.C.C.A. School was founded in 2007 by Mr. Duckenson and Mrs. Francois Laguerre. Five years ago, a horrific earthquake completely destroyed their building (along with thousands of other schools) but the Laguerres continued to teach, allowing many kids to attend their programs for free. Laguerre remembers, “In spite of our building being destroyed, parents sent their kids to our school. We asked why they chose ECCA, they said: ‘You inspire in us faith, hope and a future for our children.’” Operational funding for ECCA is provided by a family’s ability to pay along with support from other organizations.



How did you come up with this charity idea?

I started my business at sixteen years old and quickly was working full-time shooting 20-25 weddings a summer. The business started to take its toll on me and I started to question, “Why was I even doing this?” One winter off-season I had an “a-ha!” revelation moment, I needed to make my business about more than myself. I needed to make giving/helping a core belief of my business. From that point forward, I started looking for opportunities to give!

My husband Randy traveled to Haiti six times and from his very first trip connected with the people he met there. When we got married, it was natural for that passion to overflow into our marriage. We visited Haiti and Randy was able to introduce me to Mr. and Mrs. Laguerre and ECCA School (a school he had visited a couple years before!) – we knew we needed to help raise funds to get them a building.


Why should people invest in The School Sessions?

We are passionate about providing opportunities for business owners to give back. We all want to help – but sometimes we don’t know where to start. By creating The School Sessions it’s our hope that photographers will be excited to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


How has this work, changed your photography career?
I whole-heartedly believe life is most fulfilling when we are pouring ourselves out for others, not just chasing our own dreams and goals – although those are noble and good desires! I love that I can use what I’ve been gifted in (photography) and photograph sessions and see that money go towards a big need. I also love that I have the opportunity to connect my clients with a cause they can get excited about. And of course, as the founders, we are fulfilled when we see other photographers jumping on board, too!

How can people get involved?
Photographers worldwide are raising $200,000 to build a school in Haiti by photographing portrait sessions and donating 100% of the session fees. Sessions are taking place on or anytime before April 12th – join the 440+ photographers already involved and change the lives of these children forever. (Click Here to get Involved)


Thank you to Jaime and Randy for taking the time to talk with AdoramaPix. If you would like to get involved you can go to their website to find out more. You can also follow them on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

In addition, The School Sessions will be taking over the AdoramaPix Instagram account for the week of March 16th. Check out Jamie and Randy’s work, their mission and their passion.