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Seeing is Believing. This is the current sale we are running on our 8×8 photo books for $11.95. We believe once you see our photo books, you will believe in quality at great prices. You can’t judge a photo book’s quality unless you have it in your hands and you are able to turn the pages. So we actually we want you to judge a book by its cover (and its pages). That’s right, judge us – we are o.k. with this, because we know our quality photo books will not disappoint.

In this special feature, called Pix Corner, we feature a photo book review by member Patrick Smith of Patrick Smith Photos. Here is his review of his first Adoramapix photo book.

“When looking to get a new photo book, I knew exactly where to go.

In the past, when I wanted a photo book, whether for myself or for a gift, I went with another company time and time again. However, I was never fully satisfied with how the book looked or felt and always struggled with the color of my photos looking off.

This time around, I thought I’d give AdoramaPix a chance. I’ve always gotten my prints from AdoramaPix, so when I read about their lay flat books, I know I needed to give them a try.I wasn’t concerned to begin with, but the ease of using the layout program was a breeze. I literally dragged and dropped my files as they were onto the pages and when I was finished, hit pay and waited patiently by my door.

To my surprise, the book was turned around and on my doorstep not even two days later. All I can say is that it’s basically prints in a book. Unlike other books, my book felt like a project taken on with care. Much like the cover, the pages are thick and durable. Not to mention, the pages could be taken out of the book (if you really wanted) and hung on a wall; they are that high quality. The colors are true, the contrast is perfect and I’ll have no problem showing this to other professionals.

With that in mind, since getting my book I’ve shown my book to other photographers and those with no knowledge of photography. The response is always the same: “Stunning!”

While there are some limitations regarding pages, it forces you to edit tightly to make an everlasting memory book.

I know where I’ll be getting my books in the future.” – Patrick Smith of Patrick Smith Photos.

Thank you Patrick! Your artistry is amazing. If you would like to Judge a Book by its Cover – let us know! We would love to feature your honest feedback and critique. You can email me at


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We adore our members and it surprises me that sometimes they have never tried our photo books. They love our prints, but have never ventured into an album that will showcase their artistry beautifully. One such member we just recently converted, is Jared Soares.  Jared is a documentary photographer specializing in long term projects.  His clients include The New York Times, The Washington Post, AARP Bulletin, Inc., Getty Images, Country Living, Discovery, and The Marguerite Casey Foundation.

Here are Jared’s initial reactions to his first photo book he received from Adoramapix.

“Its a trip that happens once a year. If you’re an independent photographer working with newspapers and magazines, you know what I’m talking about. Its the trip to New York City. Sure, you get to party with old friends while eating $1.00 pizza but deep down the trip is about business and wowing clients with new work.

For every trip that I’ve made to the Big Apple, I’ve shown my work using a different method, from a screw mount portfolio to a tablet device and even an on-demand book from another company. And with each trip, I’ve been critiqued regarding the presentation of my work.

In early January a friend posted a photo on Facebook of a book that he had printed through Adoramapix. The book looked fantastic. I immediately got in touch with him to pick his brain about his book. I have been using Adoramapix for my printing needs and have been very pleased with their quality and commitment to customer service. Using Adoramapix’s book service seemed like the best solution for printing a portfolio book. I knew I would be guaranteed high quality printing.

After selecting a book size and uploading the spreads to the design software, I hit purchase and waited a couple days for my book to arrive. When I ripped open the box I saw the book and was instantly pleased. After turning each page, I felt proud to show this book off. The paper quality and build construction are superb. The pages lay flat for a true double truck.

I recently returned from a New York trip earlier this month and the only thing being critiqued was my work not my method of presentation. The most commonly used phrase was ‘where did you get this printed, the quality is top notch.’ I will be using Adoramapix books for my portfolio needs in the future.” -Jared Soares.

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One of the promises that I made after I had my daughter (among the many) was that I would no longer let my personal photos collect proverbial dust in the vortex that is my archiving system. Vacation photos, holiday photos, family photos…if they weren’t for clients or as part of a photography project, once I started shooting digital I would rarely make prints. Everything changes when you have kids and for me that included not just how I make memories but what I do with them once I’ve recorded them. To this day my family goes through old albums and I love when my dad posts old photos on Facebook…especially when I’ve never seen them before. Making prints of memories is important!

So I solved the problem of my personal photos taken with my dslr because I started to make books and prints for gallery walls but what about my iPhone? I have over 11,000 pictures on it! (#issues #hoarder) I’ve made prints of those before too but I wanted to make a special photo book just for Lucia.

While most kids play games and watch shows on the iPad my girl likes to go through the camera roll and scroll through old photos – “remember this day, mommy?” is one of her many catch phrases. So I teamed up with my friends at Adorama to make an 8×8 photo book of some of our favorite family memories as recorded by my iPhone and processed on Instagram.


The book


The hardest part for me was selecting the pictures (no surprise).  The book itself was so simple to make because the program online is very straightforward and you have full control over the style and design.  There are many different templates to choose from for every size book available and in fact for someone like me who is terribly indecisive there are almost too many templates.  I narrowed it down to five and then just went with my favorite.  After selecting your images and loading them up to the website (a process that is very fast depending on your internet connectivity) you just drag and drop them into the space in your blank book and save as you go.  Ta-da!  I even cheated a bit and was able to drag a few photos into blank spaces that weren’t meant for images and I was able to play with the size a bit to make photos larger than the space allowed them to be.  You can select photos from a number of different sources including Picasa, Flickr, your Adoramapix account and your computer.


I’ve been working with Adorama for personal and professional projects for years so it was no surprise to me that the quality of the book is top notch.  The pages are printed on real photographic silver-halide paper with a lustre finish so the colors are bright and saturated with great flesh tones.  For photography junkies like me this is a huge deal.  They use real archival quality photo paper so it’s fade-resistant and you even have several paper choices.  I also really like how thick and sturdy the pages are.  Another really important feature for me when I made this book was that the HD glossy paper is fingerprint resistant!  Hello?  Amazing!  I usually prefer matte paper for my prints but I was making this book specifically for my toddler to thumb through, carry with her, and put her hands all over it so this feature was a major draw for me. 


Here’s what I did: so simple…

1.  Visited and chose the perfect book size

Once I decided that I wanted to use my Instagram photos (since she loves them so much) I realized that the 8×8 format was perfect for the square-cropped pictures.   Since I’m terrible at editing to make a concise collection I went with a 26-page book.  Not too many, not too few.  I felt like it was the perfect number of images to keep my toddler’s attention and just enough to capture the feeling of the general “theme” I decided to go with.

2.  Chose my images

With so many pictures to choose from I had a very difficult task ahead of me so I just went with favorite images of the last year or so that were strictly of our family. A NYC-themed book of Instagrams is up next but I wanted to make this one for her first.

The front cover gave me the option of choosing four photos.  I opted to leave the title off the front and put it only on the spine.  You can choose from several different fonts and sizes.

The back cover.  I loved that I was able to have one large photo on the back to balance out the four photos I chose for the front.


Thank you to Monica Shulman who inspires photographers and artists through her blog  called Ciao, Chessa! .  It is a photography and lifestyle blog dedicated to people who appreciate the little details that make life amazing. Since its birth in 2008, her blog  has evolved into a place where she talks about artphotographytravelmotherhood,  living in New York, and the people and things that inspire her.

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The Wedding and Portrait Photography International Conference (AKA WPPI) is just a few weeks away.  We will be exhibiting at the show and featuring our amazing lay-flat photo books, metal and canvas prints . We are looking forward to meeting you and we will have a lot of swag to Spin and Win.

We are also honored to have with us Erin Gilmore of Erin Gilmore Photography . She hails from British Columbia and was voted one of the most inspiring wedding photographers in Canada. She will be at our booth spending one on one time with our members . She has an impressive resume’ and will answer all of your questions from marketing to shooting to post production. You have 15 minutes to get the direct answers you need from an award winning wedding photographer. If you want her to review your portfolio, no problem bring it along.  So reserve your spot today by emailing see dates and times below. We look forward to seeing you in Vegas.

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This is the time of year when typically there are a lot of marriage proposals. With the excitement of being engaged, comes many milestones in your relationship. Today’s post focuses on some clever ideas on making an engagement photo book with our PixPublisher.

Instead of just putting together a guest book of your engagement pictures, why not think outside the box a bit. For instance, I’m sure you have a story as to how you and your fiance’ first met.  In most cases, the stories are quite different between the two perspectives. So why not put a page in your photo book that includes the story of how you met? It will be great to get both sides of the story and your guests will love to read it.


Along these same lines, you can also include:

* Your Proposal Story

*Your First Trip Together

*Your First Date

When I photograph couples, I often ask them to take me somewhere that is special to them a cafe’ , a park, a movie theater. Anything that will reflect this great period in your life.

Not only are the words images important to your engagement book, but so are the outfits you have chosen. With our PixPublisher,  it’s easy to customize the photo book to your colors. I took our guest book template and changed it from a black bar to a brown bar. If you take a look at the red arrow, you’ll see where I did a color pick from her boot. I picked the darkest color to anchor the photo book and have it coordinate.



These are just a few ideas to jazz up your engagement photo book. I hope these small tips will help you on your way to making a photo book that is a true reflection of your engagement.

- Written by Libby for Adoramapix