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Dec 2012 12

We had an amazing webinar this past Sunday evening by Broomfield, Colorado Family Photographer Natascha Lee Studios.

It was our most popular webinar so far, and I’m still receiving messages this morning about how helpful the free webinar was. We had over $1,500 in door prizes and blelow is the list of winners. If your name is in bold, please be sure to email Natascha to claim your prize. Rather than publish her email here (go away spam bots!), message me for her email address, or pls visit her website or her Facebook page to get in touch with her.

Vendor Winner
Love Bugs Photography       Kae Ponder
Triple Scoop Music                Jeff Ben Yirmeyahu Mills
Triple Scoop Music                Peyton McCollum
Triple Scoop Music                Dustin Grau
Animoto                                     Pete Jones
Red Boot Designs                    Rachel Mason
Red Boot Designs                    Anette Kerns Marshall
Kubota Image Tools              Jamie Carollo
Kubota Image Tools              Michelle Skinner Tanner
Zenfolio                                      Lina Ska
Photo Vision                            Peyton McCollum
Photo Vision                             Becca-Rae Gilman
Adorama Pix                            Didi Rose Huntley
Bird Design                                Greg Wong

Dec 2012 31

So you’ve been thinking of starting a photography based Project365.. Snap out of it (pun intended). This was my third successful year of attempting the task and the second (almost successful) year of blogging daily.

Click HERE to see last year’s blog post.

What’s different this year to the previous year?

Last year, photography filled my life outside of work, marriage, parenting and friendship. It was my Alone Time. This year, Life itself got in the way. I had to close my business and it was very stressful to blog each day knowing that the “tone” of post was not upbeat.  However, Photography became my therapy. I did continue to take photos daily but blogging proved difficult.




How did I get back into the groove?

Having my followers request my posts was a major support. Comments on my blog and/or Twitter encouraged me to post when I could, even if it meant skipping days.


Any other visible changes to the your Project365?

I attended Blographer hosted by Adorama in New York, got home and immediately changed the look of my blog to reflect what it was. It was a PHOTOGRAPHY based Project365. Learning to identify your audience also helps.


Did I follow themes or techniques this time around?

If you read last year’s blog post for AdoramaPix, you see that I recommended that you try not following a theme, not stress about technique, just own your photo and update your blog. Well this year I discovered “Little People” and fell in love all over again with my passion. They allowed me to story tell through my photography, the one thing I love to do. So while it was not a theme per say, I did find myself wanting to post more scenes with them on my blog.





What other factors may have had an influenced your Project365?

Instagram. I opened an account on Instagram and began to share my love of my city, New York. My followers grew quickly and I suddenly, I found another voice, one where I didn’t feel the need to share my feelings. @dhannylovesNYC


Will I do a Project365 again next year?

You betcha!!!  Evolving as a writer, as a photographer, as a person.. Having the ability to return to past posts and just smile or cry. One of my most popular post on Google is a post on First Love. Whenever I read it, I learn a little more about myself and my relationships. So yes, I will do another Project365. Possibly follow a similar pattern of diary posts.

First Love: 

Words of advice on beginning a Project365

Just do it. Figure out the WHY you want to do it.  Changing my view on maybe it is good to have a Theme, to hone in on your skills. Think of it as an open diary that doesn’t always have to involve a photo.  Remember that it is YOURS. We, your audience are not there to judge but rather there to take a peek into your world.


Wishing you all good luck. Remember to tag me @DPixel so I can add you to my list of Project365 blogs to follow… Happy New Year, Pix

Jan 2013 09
Just because there is snow on the ground and the temperature is dipping  there is no reason why you still can’t  be creative outside with your photo shoot.  I recently ran across members Paul and Sylvia Nelson who made a photo book and literally blew me out of the water with their Snow Queen shoot. They were lovely enough to share with us some tips on how to make the best of a stylized shoot in the snow.
Paul and Sylvia Nelson of Paul & Sylvia | Photography & Design are Toronto and destination wedding photographers, world travelers, a team in love who love to photograph other people. Great people, great relationships, and positive outlook fuel their lives and their business.  It’s about making a connection with every client and every person they encounter.
You can follow them on their Facebook page,Twitter, and our website.
Here are some tips from Paul and Sylvia on their Snow Queen photo shoot.
It’s no secret that creative wedding inspired photo shoots have their challenges, but when Sylvia started planning one for a winter’s day in central Ontario I knew those challenges would be unique.  Inspired by one of her favourite books as a child, Sylvia’s vision for “The Snow Queen” took off.  Shooting in mid February we hadn’t really thought of the lack of snow as being an issue, but as one of the warmest winters on record continued, it quickly became one.  Some last minute location changes had to be made to find the most snow we could.  Living in Canada, one rarely hopes for more snow in winter!  After some creative shovelling and re-shovelling of snow, we were ready to shoot.

With some light snow on and off and occasional 10 minute snow storms throughout the day, we learned quickly that we couldn’t move anything on the table set up. If we did, you could easily see were we had disturbed the snow, which would have to involve more postproduction work in photoshop.  A lesson in making sure its right the first time!  With several set ups in various spots and with cold temperatures I wanted to keep the lighting portable and simple.  Speedlights with some simple modifiers were the way to go.  As we know,  proper exposure can be tricky on the snow.  A little over exposure kept the snow a crisp white, I found about +2/3 of a stop seemed to do the trick.  You also have to consider your white balance, especially if you want to consider submitting your images to a magazine as they always look for color consistency.  We had to consider how our images are going to look when we shot in natural light, with flash, in sunlight, in the shadows of evergreens, in a snowstorm, etc.  The white balance was changing constantly.  Looking back we wish we would have had the expo disk to make the job easier for post production.  Facing all these challenges of shooting in the snow you have to also make sure you’re shooting in RAW format.

Sun up till sun down, it was a long day.  We had two awesome table set-ups,  an amazing ice bar, a gorgeous cake and the models.  All this had to be shot between warming up!  Being a wedding photographer, I find myself at complete ease during creative shoots.  You just don’t get this kind of time and control at a wedding.

Winter shoots seldom seem to have a game plan set in stone.  You find yourself shooting between set ups quickly, all according to the weather.  If this is something your willing to take on, the biggest words of advice we have for you is to surround yourself with good vendors.  Good, experienced people make a world of difference.  Happy shooting my friends.


For more photos from the shoot please click  HERE. 
If you would like to see the finished photo book click on the image below or you can click HERE.
Thank you so much Paul and Sylvia for sharing your experience with us, your work is simply stunning.
Jun 2013 19


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