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Costumes, children, trick-or-treat buckets… Oh my! Halloween is here and with it, sugary sweet moments and memories just dying to be photographed.

Capture the spooktakular excitement of the holiday with these easy-to-follow tips.

Halloween Photography Tips

Photograph the details

Throwing a Halloween party? Don’t forget to photograph the itty bitty details. Take a few shots of your tablescape and treats before guests arrive.

Find unique perspectives

Switch things up and have some fun. Stop shooting straight on – look for exciting and unique perspectives when shooting Halloween decorations.

Up high. Down low. To the right or left. Experiment as you go!

Capture candid moments

Watch, wait and prepare to click. Capture eager hands digging into bowlfuls of candy corn.

And sneaky little children munching on brownies under the table.

There’s no limit to the amount of fun when sugar is involved. Stand at the ready to capture those awesome candid moments.

Grab that group shot without shedding a tear

Kids unruly, uncooperative and high on sugar? Don’t be afraid to bribe them into taking a group shot before heading out to trick-or-treat. Cotton candy, sleepovers, a brand new car. It doesn’t matter what you bribe them with.

Though you could always promise to let them unleash their silly faces once the nice shots are out of the way.

Heck, you might even prefer the silly shots over the calm, collected and properly posed ones.

Don’t forget the costumes

Photograph your pretty little princess in all her glory.

Position her in front of a mirror during the big reveal. You’ll get great costume detail shots and are guaranteed to get a few smiles too.

Get up close and personal with a portrait

Don’t forget to squeeze a few portraits in. Focus on your trick-or-treater’s beautiful face.

Who can resist big brown eyes, a sweet smile and a pretty painted face?

Think outside the box (or jack-o-lantern)

Forget those boring jack-o-lantern photos. Create a sweet and memorable photo this holiday by photographing your jack-o-lantern in a sweet and sentimental way.

Treat yourself to some cool trick-or-treating shots

Don’t be afraid to experiment once the sun goes down. You can still capture compelling trick-or-treat photos without the use of flash.

Kick up your ISO, shoot wide open, slow that shutter speed down and take advantage of pockets of light.

With just a little bit of patience, pre-planning and creativity, you too can capture the sugary sweet excitement of Halloween.

What are some of your favorite things to shoot during Halloween?

AdoramaPix Contributor: Kristi Bonney is a writer, photographer and speaker with a deep-seated love for all things social media. Her blog, Live and Love Out Loud, is a beautiful and inspiring hub for photographers of all skill levels – featuring photography tips and tutorials, freebies and inspiring photo challenges. Kristi’s passion for photography is matched by her love of parenting and empowering women.

Oct 2012 30

The images are haunting  and heartbreaking.  We are talking about the photographs emerging from Hurricane Sandy that swept through our beloved city. As most us were able to prepare the best that we could, we had no idea how powerful a storm Sandy would be and the path of destruction she would leave behind.

Everyone in the city was affected in one way or another. We also did not escape her wrath. We are located on West 18th Street in New York City and were closed yesterday and again today. We have no power, our email is down and with transportation shut down in NYC, no one can get back and forth to work safely. We understand this is an inconvenience for our members who need their orders. We only hope you’ll be patient with us as we get back on our feet, asses the damage and get back to work fulfilling your orders.

Our members are everything to us, without you we would not exist. We do not take this lightly.  If you need to reach us, please feel free to reach out to myself,  Libby, on all our social media channels. You can also use this temporary email in cases of urgency,

This photo courtesy of NASA really shows the magnitude and power of Hurricane Sandy.

Nov 2012 12

It’s time to rake in the savings with great sale on our hardcover photo books.  This week only you can save 30% off hard cover photo books with the code: pxbkfall30.  You can choose any size of hard cover photo book you would like to receive this great deal. Choose a cute little 6×6 to put in someone’s stocking.. or better yet, how about a 12×12 to make a statement? Hurry though, savings start to fall the longer you wait.

Dec 2012 12

We had an amazing webinar this past Sunday evening by Broomfield, Colorado Family Photographer Natascha Lee Studios.

It was our most popular webinar so far, and I’m still receiving messages this morning about how helpful the free webinar was. We had over $1,500 in door prizes and blelow is the list of winners. If your name is in bold, please be sure to email Natascha to claim your prize. Rather than publish her email here (go away spam bots!), message me for her email address, or pls visit her website or her Facebook page to get in touch with her.

Vendor Winner
Love Bugs Photography       Kae Ponder
Triple Scoop Music                Jeff Ben Yirmeyahu Mills
Triple Scoop Music                Peyton McCollum
Triple Scoop Music                Dustin Grau
Animoto                                     Pete Jones
Red Boot Designs                    Rachel Mason
Red Boot Designs                    Anette Kerns Marshall
Kubota Image Tools              Jamie Carollo
Kubota Image Tools              Michelle Skinner Tanner
Zenfolio                                      Lina Ska
Photo Vision                            Peyton McCollum
Photo Vision                             Becca-Rae Gilman
Adorama Pix                            Didi Rose Huntley
Bird Design                                Greg Wong

Dec 2012 31

So you’ve been thinking of starting a photography based Project365.. Snap out of it (pun intended). This was my third successful year of attempting the task and the second (almost successful) year of blogging daily.

Click HERE to see last year’s blog post.

What’s different this year to the previous year?

Last year, photography filled my life outside of work, marriage, parenting and friendship. It was my Alone Time. This year, Life itself got in the way. I had to close my business and it was very stressful to blog each day knowing that the “tone” of post was not upbeat.  However, Photography became my therapy. I did continue to take photos daily but blogging proved difficult.




How did I get back into the groove?

Having my followers request my posts was a major support. Comments on my blog and/or Twitter encouraged me to post when I could, even if it meant skipping days.


Any other visible changes to the your Project365?

I attended Blographer hosted by Adorama in New York, got home and immediately changed the look of my blog to reflect what it was. It was a PHOTOGRAPHY based Project365. Learning to identify your audience also helps.


Did I follow themes or techniques this time around?

If you read last year’s blog post for AdoramaPix, you see that I recommended that you try not following a theme, not stress about technique, just own your photo and update your blog. Well this year I discovered “Little People” and fell in love all over again with my passion. They allowed me to story tell through my photography, the one thing I love to do. So while it was not a theme per say, I did find myself wanting to post more scenes with them on my blog.





What other factors may have had an influenced your Project365?

Instagram. I opened an account on Instagram and began to share my love of my city, New York. My followers grew quickly and I suddenly, I found another voice, one where I didn’t feel the need to share my feelings. @dhannylovesNYC


Will I do a Project365 again next year?

You betcha!!!  Evolving as a writer, as a photographer, as a person.. Having the ability to return to past posts and just smile or cry. One of my most popular post on Google is a post on First Love. Whenever I read it, I learn a little more about myself and my relationships. So yes, I will do another Project365. Possibly follow a similar pattern of diary posts.

First Love: 

Words of advice on beginning a Project365

Just do it. Figure out the WHY you want to do it.  Changing my view on maybe it is good to have a Theme, to hone in on your skills. Think of it as an open diary that doesn’t always have to involve a photo.  Remember that it is YOURS. We, your audience are not there to judge but rather there to take a peek into your world.


Wishing you all good luck. Remember to tag me @DPixel so I can add you to my list of Project365 blogs to follow… Happy New Year, Pix

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