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Welcome to the 12 Days of Holiday Giving by Adoramapix. Today is day 2. You’ll see you can win a $150 gift card to Adorama simply by leaving a comment below you are entered. You can also leave a message HERE on our YOUTUBE channel, leave a message HERE on our facebook page or retweet or message on Twitter. Good luck everyone.


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It’s the 12 Days of Holiday Giving Contest – Day 7. Today you can win 6 months with PhotoShelter.   You can enter up to four times a day, simply by leaving a comment below, commenting on our Facebook Fan Page, on our YOUTUBE channel and retweeting our message on Twitter. One winner is chosen per day. Check out the other goodies Photo Shelter offers by clicking HERE.Good Luck.

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Your Best Shot 2013 Contest

Contest Details – Please Read Carefully!

How to enter:

  1. Like Adoramapix on Facebook and load your image to our timeline. ( If you do not have a Facebook account, simply skip to step #2.)
  2. Every entrant must submit one image –  jpeg 300 dpi to : along with your name and email address.
  3. Image must have been captured in the year 2013. Entries are due by March 17, 2014, midnight ESTunnamed (1)

 The Prizes:

1.  Grand Prize (1 winner): Estimated Value: $2000.00

- Your Choice either a Canon 6d OR a Nikon D610 camera body.

2. Top 100 Picks : (100 winners)  Estimated Value: $25.00

- Each of the top 100 Picks listed on Facebook will receive an 8×10 Metal Print.

3. NEW : The three images with the most likes from the top 100: (3 winners) Estimated Value: $134.95

- The top 3 with the most Facebook “likes” from the top 100 will win a 20×30 Metal Print

4.  Top 12 Runner Ups : (12 winners) Estimated Value: $28.00

-Each of the 12 Runner Ups listed on Facebook will receive a free 8×8 – 14 page hardcover photo book with the winning entries displayed.


Dates to Know:

The Deadline: March 17, 2014

A team of Adoramapix Judges will then choose the top 100 images based on technical and artistic ability and will post to Facebook.

We will break them down into categories, landscape, portrait, etc and will take the even percentages out of each category.

The  Vote: April 2014

The top 100 will be posted to Facebook. The three images with the most “likes” will receive a free 20×30 metal print.  This vote has no bearing on the actual Grand Prize Winner.

The top 25 images will be posted on the Adoramapix Blog as chosen by a panel of 3 judges. Adoramapix members will then pick their  favorites from the 25 images posted. The top 12 images that receive the most votes will be awarded the Best of 2013  8x8” -14 page Adoramapix Photo Book.

The Winner Announced:  May 2014

A team of Adoramapix Judges will choose the Grand Prize Winner out of the top 12 Best of 2013 winners.

The Winner will be announced via our Blog first, followed by Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and a mail out.

Official Rules: All 2014 General Adoramapix  Contest Rules Apply

*You will be disqualified if you enter more than one image. If you are not a fan of these contests, please don’t participate.  We’ll continue to try to find new contests and new prizes that will make it fun and interesting to be a part of the Adoramapix  community. Thank you for your support.

Feb 2014 06

Each week we like to give you tips and ideas on photo books and our PixPublisher software. We thought we’d start with the basics. If you’ve never used our PixPublisher to design a photo book before, it’s easy.  Here is part one to introduce you to the basics.

Mar 2014 25

There is so much to learn when starting photography. Not only do you need to become one with your camera, you’ll need to know how to handle the digital post processing. While there is a plethora of tutorials and blog articles to help you with post, we thought we would share with you the mistakes that are often made. Here are 5 items to avoid.

This is one of my favorite families of all time. They are fun and full of life.  I saw the ivy wall and knew I wanted it to play an integral part of their family portrait.

Here is the image straight out of camera – the original. I grew up with film and so I’m comfortable with getting the image pretty darn bang on in camera. However, like most digital files, it could use a little more sharpening and punch to make it shine. original

1. Over Sharpening

One important step is sharpening your images. However, with anything in the digital world, less is often more. If you use an action or a preset  make sure you tweak it. Every image is different and applying the same sharpening method to every image will yield unsatisfactory results. Notice how the ivy almost seems to take over the image? This action would have been fine, if toned down to about 60%.


2. Filter Fail

There’s no doubt about it, the birth of instagram has given its followers a new passion for the filter. However, this is not always the best idea for your images if you want to keep them classic. While this look is trendy now, you have just outdated your client’s photos. Keep it clean and you’ll keep it timeless.


3. Color Saturation

Spring is the perfect time to punch up those colors. Careful though, you want to retain natural looking color  not color that looks like it came from a cartoon. Plus, the more you saturate the more you lose detail in your blacks and blow out your whites. originalsaturation

4. Spot Color

This was a very popular process to do in the early 2000′s. It was when digital was booming and photographers were just starting to have fun with color. However, as mentioned before, stay away from fads you are outdating your images before you  even hand them to your clients.  It also tends to take away focus from the main part of the image – your client.  This is not to say I haven’t seen some very clever uses of spot color, but for the most part I would stay away from it.originalspotcolor

5.  Vignette

You want to bring attention to the main subject in your photo by using vignetting. However, with most post processing, you can over do it. Instead of using an action or preset to do this, you can subtly bring attention to the subject by lightly burning in certain areas to draw in the viewer’s eye. originalvignette

The great thing about photography and post processing, is it’s constantly evolving. I have been a professional photographer for over 13 years and I can tell you I have made every one of these mistakes. However, I hope my mistakes will be your learning  tips.

- Written by Libby for Adoramapix



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