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We have received a number of questions recently about sharing photo books. Sharing a photo book  means that you make it available for others to see and/or buy over the internet. To others, your shared photo book will look just like it looks to you when you click the preview button in the PixBuilder tool. I.e. you see a simulation of what that project will look like in print and you can flip through the pages.

You don’t need to wait until your project is completed or ordered before you share it with others online. In fact, you may prefer to show it to others before you finish it so that they can make suggestions for changes or improvements. This is especially true of commercial projects where client feedback is required.

1. Log into your account and under the “My Books” category click on See all.


2. Find the photo book you want to share. Under the orange bar (if it’s not completed) or green bar (if it is completed) you will find three choices : Edit, Copy, Share/Embed. Click on Share/Embed002

3.  Clicking on the Share/Embed button will take you to a new page. On the right hand side of the screen, click on the blue bar that says “Share”. You will then move the button at the top from the off to the on position. You can then either email the link directly to whomever you would like to share it with, or you can copy the link and send it in a separate email.003


We hope these quick and simple tips will help you when you are designing your photo book with Adoramapix.

Aug 2014 20

The photos you take are personal. They mean something to you. Why not take that one step further and display them in a personal way? 0blog

I found a great birch tree that had fallen in the woods.  It’s a native tree from where I live. I had a friend saw it into different sections for me and then saw about a 1/2″ thick place holder into the top of the small stumps. blog


I love the way they look and they compliment the images that represent where I live. Plus, it’ s free and means more to me than a small frame from a general store. If you choose to do something like this, I suggest to use only fallen branches or logs.

-Written and photographed by Libby for Adoramapix

Aug 2014 19

Ever hear the old saying, “You can fix it later in post” ?  Well that is true on a lot of photography issues, however, trying to get sharp images after the picture has already been taken through post processing doesn’t always work.  Instead, try these few tips to get images sharp right off the bat.

1. Set your AF Point

One of the most important things you can do is to use your navigation keys to choose your AutoFocus point selection within your image.  Typically, when photographing people and or animals set the point on the eye that is closest to the camera. Now, if you can’t get the AF point exactly where you need it, then you can always focus and recompose.  This is used best in low light situations or when your subject is in the corner of the the frame. In order to do this, you select the central AutoFocus point and move the camera on the subject. Then half press the shutter to focus the lens and recompose the shot. You will still have the shutter release button half released when recomposing the shot. Then press the shutter when the image is where it’s at in your viewfinder.


2. Use a Tripod 

Tripods are often awkward to bring along or you may think they just too heavy. However, using a tripod stabilizes the camera and reduces movement. Even when you use a higher shutter speed or brace yourself before pressing the shutter, there is still room for error or in this case blur.


3. Back Focus

Did you know there is a button on the back of your camera that can help you get  a sharper image? It’s the back focus button. Many pros often use this to get tack sharp images, however it does take some time to master. The button is located in different areas on different models of cameras. You’ll want to pull out your camera manual to find out the best way to use this button. I found a great tutorial on why this button is important and how to set up in your camera. Click HERE to read more.


4. Good Lens

There’s no getting around this one. Want a sharp image? Get a sharp lens. The best investment I have made in my photography journey has always been a sharp lens. The kit lens that comes with some cameras will not necessarily net you a sharp image. Instead, do some research and find out what lens is in your budget and will give you the sharpest image.  Whether you choose a prime or zoom lens, you should be able to rent them and test them out before making your final purchase. Prime lenses work best for low light. Zoom lenses work best for more action shots. Depending on what you are photographing, this will also help in your decision on which lens is best for you.


5.  Press Shutter Lightly

A softer touch will always net a sharper image when it comes to the shutter. When clicking the shutter, do it as lightly as you can. Your finger should be actually on the button and then gently press it. Also make sure your finger is in contact with the button to begin with instead of hovering over it.  Remember, more movement means more chance for blur. 


We know there are a lot more ways to get sharper images and we’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you do to master sharpness.

-written by Libby for Adoramapix

-images by Libby and Shutterstock for editorial purposes

Aug 2014 14

Every week we like to give updates or inspiration to making photo books through our PixPublisher software. This week though, I received a number of inquiries on how to edit a photo book that was already made through Pix Publisher.

Through three simple steps, I can show you how to make the edit.

First, choose the book that you have already completed or ordered. Go to : My Books –> See All —> Choose the book that you want to edit. If you look under the green bar, it will say view, copy or share/embed. Click on “copy”edit1

The copy will automatically  move to the top of your list of photo books.  It will look familiar to your completed photo book, only it will have a yellow bar now that says “complete book.” Under the bar, select edit.


Your photo book will open and you will then  be able to edit/adjust whatever you need to from the original.



If you have any other questions on our PixPublisher – feel free to email me at I would be more than happy to help you finish a beautiful photo book that will last for generations.



Aug 2014 14

Mixing the past with the present is one of my favorite ways to show off my prints with Adoramapix. I constantly change out my small photographs and have found ways to go outside of the box and find new ways to showcase them.

My latest find all came together for under $15. This included the print and the supplies.  Here is a look at my latest endeavor. I found an old silver tray for $8 at a local thrift store. It was a bit tarnished but that was the look I loved. I also bought some fun magnets, string and of course my prints.


I simply found a few magnets that were fun and placed them on the top of the image that I wanted to hang. You can find magnets at any dollar or craft store.


I had string around the house, but decided to find something with a  little more flair. I tied triple knots on each of the serving handles so that when it hangs, the string is about 2-3 inches above the platter. LIB_2948


I started with a bunch of smaller prints, but in the end decided I liked the one big 8×10 print better.LIB_2952

And then I put a simple finishing nail up and it was ready to hang. LIB_2963 LIB_2964

All together the project cost me $15 but that included everything. I did have string and magnets already but decided I wanted something a little more fun. The time to put everything together? It took  me about 10 minutes.  I can see this perfect for a nursery or even have three of these serving platters together and put family photos on them.  Since the platter was silver, I found cooler tone photos looked the best – those with grey, whites. Black and whites would also look amazing on the platter.

If you have any great ideas on how to display prints – email We are always looking for new and innovative ways to display our prints.

-Written and Photographed by Libby for Adoramapix


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