Dec 2014 04

We now offer four different types of calendar. Whatever your preference may be, we have you covered. Here is a glimpse at our line up.

1. Collages - You can have one print for the whole year. We have many templates to choose from and sizes ranging from 8×10 to 20×24. The best part of the collages calendars is that you can have these printed on metal or acrylic.

horizontal calendadr

2. Desk Top - Compact and colorful, these calendars have a sturdy built in easel so they stand on their own. They are available in two sizes – regular (8.27 x 3.74) and large (12×5.43)


3. Centerfold Calendar-  These are ring bound in the middle and you can just flip open to hang! Flip the lower page up to reveal the next month. They come in three sizes – small (6×6), regular (8×8) and large (10×10)


4. Top Hanging Calendar - These calendars offer beautiful, unbroken photo spreads. These are ring bound at the top and come in one large size 12×18



-Written by Libby for AdoramaPix

Dec 2014 03

In this week’s gallery wall inspiration, we chose a 20×24 hi-lighted by four, landscape 8x10s. We also chose the main image as a black and white to add contrast.  


Here is a breakdown of costs depending on how you would like to achieve this look.

Lustre  and Glossy Prints:  $20.36

Metallic Prints: $24.88

Metal Prints: $196.20

Canvas and Acrylic:  $200.00

(These prices are the base prices with nothing added)



Dec 2014 02

The Holidays are here and if you are looking for the perfect gift at the perfect price, we have you covered. Let’s start with $25 in your pocket. Here is a list of the many products we have under $25.

1. Photo Books

Starting at 10 pages you can choose the following sizes of photo books under $25 : 6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7.5, 6×9, 8×6 and 8×8.  Obviously on some of the smaller ones with the 6″ spine,  you can add pages as they start around the $15 mark. These small sizes are perfect for grandparents, teachers, folks in your wedding party, etc.


2. Home Decor  - Metal Prints

You can get creative with $25 and metal prints. Why not break out of the square 8×8″ size and try the 8″ heart or circle?  All of these are under the mark and will look beautiful displayed anywhere in your home.


3. Home Decor – Canvas and Acrylic

You can never go wrong with canvas and acrylic. Both the 8×8 and the 8×10 are under the mark. They are the perfect size to hang on the wall or stand on the desk.


4. Calendars

Get personal with calendars both our desktop calendars and centerfold calendars are under $25. You can fill it with personal images and give the gift to family and friends. It’s the perfect gift that lasts the whole year!



5. Collages and Prints

You can go big with only $25 in the collages and print departments.  A 24×30 Collage Lustre print is $24.99.  Or try the deep matte at 16×20 for only $19.99. Same with prints most single prints are under $25. Whether you want a bunch of small ones or to make a statement with a large print , you have a lot of choices for everyone on your list.


We hope some of these ideas will help you with your holiday list. Printed memories are always the perfect gift for everyone on your list.



Dec 2014 02

If you ever wondered how the first holiday card started, according to the website Emily Post, ” Britain holds the honors for the first commercially printed card, commissioned in 1843 from artist John Calcott Horsley by Sir Henry Cole, who was looking for a tasteful card to send to friends. Wishing ‘A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You,’ a thousand cards were printed. The idea caught on and by the 1860s printed cards were big business, featuring both seasonal and religious themes.”

Although it’s changed quite a bit from the 1860′s to the digital age, one thing is true, it’s the time of year when we reach out to friends and family and wish them the best. If you are still scrambling for photo ideas, we have a few quick and easy suggestions to get you on your way.

1. Got Snow?

Nothing says the holidays like the cold, white fluffy stuff.  You can set the stage outside all bundled up by simply placing a few “gifts” outside in the snow for a pop of color against the white backdrop. I say “gifts” because you should use boxes wrapped up, don’t actually take your holiday gifts outside in the snow as they may get damaged.


2. Go Against the Grain

You can still show the warmth and the joy of the season without ever showing your faces. Although, you’ll probably catch some flack from loved ones who want to see your faces, you can use a play on words with the image by writing in the cards, “Would love to see your faces in the New Year.” This is bound to get some wonderful reactions from friends and family.

adoramapixholidaycard23. Scene Stealer

Look at some of your favorite holiday movies for inspiration. This set up took me about 10 minutes and I got the idea after we watched our favorite holiday movie, ‘A Christmas Story.’ On the inside of the card I wrote, “We Triple Dog Dare you to Have a Wonderful Holiday.”


4. Picture Perfect

This idea is perfect for those with a polaroid camera. Take a few close up snaps of your child, your pet or yourselves and hang them from a string with clothes pins in front of your holiday mantel. It’s an easy set up and creative at the same time.


5. Bokeh Lights

When you are scrambling for a background, look no further than your own Holiday Tree. Stand the subject a fair distance in front  of the tree and make sure your aperture is wide open to catch that beautiful bokeh.



Adoramapix currently offers two types of Holiday Cards. First our photo cards. Your print will be mounted onto  a beautiful 5×5 or 5×7 linen card that opens up to a warm personalize message.


Our second choice is our new doublesided, folded and trifold greeting cards, currently in beta testing. With original shapes and unique designs, our greeting cards are the perfect choice for your creativity. 


Whatever you end up with for your holiday cards, make sure to make it special by creating customized photo cards that capture your personality and style.

-Written by Libby for Adoramapix

-Images by Shutterstock and Libby




Nov 2014 26

Each week through the holidays we focus on gallery walls and ideas for the home. This week we focus on the dining room and a great inspiration for the wine aficionado in the home.  We placed one 16×16 print directly in between two 16×24 landscape prints. The look is modern and sleek. This can work for any room really and for any subject matter. adoramapixgallerywall


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