May 2014 06

As many of you know, we moved the last week of February to a new state-of-the-art lab based in Brooklyn.  What you may not know is that we have more than doubled our size by moving to the new space located in the Park Slope neighborhood.


The move to the larger facility will allow us to expand and add more staff  as well as new products ie, acrylic prints. This is the beginning of many new features we plan on adding in the near future.


As we work on cutting our production time in half, we have already begun offering  Metro Post service.  We are the first company in New York City to test out this service. Some customers in Manhattan and Brooklyn are already enjoying receiving their quality prints delivered to them on the same day their order was placed.

This new chapter will allow us to expand and hone our special services and products to our members. We are thrilled about our new location and welcome you to stop and tour the lab if you ever in the area. Please feel free to email to set up your personal tour.

Apr 2014 24

I recently had the task of clearing out my parent’s home after 45 years. It was wonderful to live through some of the memories with my siblings as we packed away photos, quilts and so much more.  However, there was something that caught my eye and instantly had me reminiscing about days in the kitchen. It was my mother’s well used recipes. This week’s photo book design corner focuses on a perfect mother’s day gift : Your Family’s Favorite Recipes.


Before Pinterest and online recipe photo books, there were recipe boxes.  They were typically made of wood or tin with a lid and housed the family’s favorite recipes. When I was glancing through my mom’s recipes, I was delighted to find her cherry chip bars recipe. Clearly, we made these a lot as the card shows.

The beautiful thing about coming from a small town is that everyone was my babysitter at one time or another. Another delight I found, was my babysitter’s recipe for her cookies. The moms in my community would always give credit on the recipe cards to whomever gave them the recipe.


Although the cards are very stained and tattered, I wanted to remember the recipes. I loved looking at my mom’s hand writing, so what I started to do was to write out the recipes but take a few pictures of the actual cards to incorporate into my photo book. I will also put photos of the finished products and images of my mom cooking. It’s a work in progress but it’s a work of love.

One of the best examples of this inspiration comes from member Becky Kobish. I found her photo book in our public gallery and loved the way she incorporate family history with recipes. She included old photos, the actual recipes and the amount the recipe serves.





I hope these weekly photo book design ideas inspire you to take care of your family’s history. We don’t want to be the generation where our children clean out our homes and there are no photos or recipes to cherish or archive.

-written by Libby for Adoramapix

Apr 2014 10

She rocked you to sleep, she cheered you on at your games and she helped you with your homework. We are of course talking about Mom. Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If you are looking for some great gift ideas look no further than Adoramapix.


Why not make a “Dear Mom” photo book and tell her thank you through pictures and words? One idea is to use adjectives describing your mom coordinating with images. Each page has a different word and picture to match. 


You can also do the top 10 reasons why you love mom. This is simple and easy for the kids to get involved. Plus you might be surprised at what they say. One of my favorite quotes from my son is when he said he loved me because I make a great grilled cheese sandwich. 


One of my favorite photo books I have seen is for a mom-to-be. This mom did a great job of documenting her pregnancy. She showcased her growing belly, her cravings, her sonograms. It was such a clever photo book and those  months leading up to the big day are often overlooked but so important.


Let’s not forget about grandma. She’s a mom too. Going through old photos and putting them together  for grandma is sure to bring a smile to her face. Our heritage template is the perfect photo book to showcase yesteryear.


There are so many ways you can mom you love her this Mother’s Day, we hope these few ideas will inspire you to print and preserve those pictures for future generations.

-written by Libby for Adoramapix.

Apr 2014 07

They are on our phones, our computers, our tablets, our laptops. “They” are our digital files. With so many devices on creating and storing the digital file, it is now more important than ever to protect and preserve those files.  So how do you preserve your digital files? Those floppy discs you used back in the 90′s — those cds — those hard drives — those usb sticks are all temporary fixes.  The one true way to archive and preserve the digitally born file is to print it.

I came across this wonderful blog post on the Kodak Alaris website. It’s called IS&T Archiving Conference and the Importance of Preservation by Joe LaBarca. 

Mr. LaBarca writes:

IS&T, the Society for Imaging Science and Technology, is an international organization that for nearly 50 years has been dedicated to advancements in the field of imaging. Every year IS&T holds an Archiving Conference where scientists, curators, librarians, government officials and private businesses gather to discuss the most pressing issues related to the digital preservation and stewardship of hard copy, audio, and video.

When we hear the term “digital preservation”, our first thought is often of preserving analog originals (think scanning of film and prints) into digital formats. IS&T and companies like Kodak Alaris, are helping to put a major focus on “born digital” files, i.e., those files originated directly from a digital device.  Clearly, digitally captured photographic images fall into this category.

The idea of creating human readable objects from digital files is very appropriate.  For us that means making prints and photo books. Whether printing at professional labs, including those with on-line fulfillment websites, or even a trip to the store for printing on a kiosk, making prints is easier than ever.

wedding photo book 3

A key point for the long-term preservation of images is to use high quality paper and print media. This includes Kodak Endura papers (look for “Kodak Endura” on the back of the print), Kodak consumer photographic papers and Kodak thermal prints from kiosks (look for “Kodak” on the back of these prints).  This also includes Kodak-recommended materials for photo books, including those using KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Paper.


A full session of last year’s conference was devoted to film and its ability to create “future proof” storage of digital assets. The idea of “future proof” storage and preservation applies to any physical object having excellent long term keeping properties, and which operates or exists independently of the technology used to create it. This certainly applies to photographic prints as well as film.  A photographic paper like KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Paper clearly fits the bill and will easily provide long term preservation of digital photographic images for over 200 years when properly stored.

Other interesting topics at the conference session included the continuing high growth rate of digital files and the use of the newer JPEG2000 standard for photographic encoding of digital files.  These are both applicable to our professional and consumer markets and customers.  Clearly the huge growth of digitally captured images comes via the growth of smartphones.  This means that there are ever-more image files for the consumer to manage, share between devices and preserve.  And the larger a digital photo collection gets, the harder this task becomes.  This is true for large institutions and individual consumers alike.  The continued use and support of JPEG2000 (“.jpf” and “.jp2”), as indicated by several papers presented at IS&T last year, implies that older photographic encoding formats like JPEG (“.jpg”) continue on a slow trajectory towards obsolescence.  At some point these vast collections of JPEG image files will need to migrate to a new encoding format or risk being lost forever.  There is no better way to prevent this than by taking those most precious images and making prints.


We couldn’t have said it better Mr. LaBarca. Get those digital negatives off your hard drives, cell phones, etc and get them printed not only for yourself but for future generations. Your children, grand children and great grandchildren will thank you.

To see the full article you can click HERE.



Apr 2014 03

Across America one can hear the crack of the bat and the words “Play Ball!” being shouted out across baseball stadiums in every state. It’s April and baseball season swings into action. It’s no surprise that a lot of people grow up playing baseball and soon turn that love into following their favorite team. This week we wanted to share some ideas with you on including America’s favorite pass time into your photo book designs.

I was recently inspired by members Kelly and Stacey Chance of Discover Bay Studios with their baseball engagement themed photo book. They took their couple to a baseball field and brought a long some props to fit the theme. They included bats, gloves and jerseys.



Obviously, they are die hard fans and both share this common love for baseball. It’s a fun way to showcase a couple’s pass time as well as how much fun they have together. If you would like to see this photo book in its entirety for more ideas and inspiration click on the image below.


We also have assets you can add to your baseball photo book. When your wee one is in little league, it’s important to capture these moments as well. We have some stickers you can add for extra decoration. You can also take pictures of their gloves or helmets to add interest. Also don’t forget, you can change the color of the pages and cover to match your child’s baseball team colors by picking the color picker.bb2

With baseball season starting, we hope these few simple ideas will get you on your way to creating a one-of-a-kind memorable baseball photo book.

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