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Each month we like to take you beyond the pages of a member’s photo book. We find some of the most inspiring and interesting photo books that have us wanting to find out more about the journey it took to create such a memorable masterpiece. This month we sit down with Maya Sackheim and ask her about the book she made with her son. We hope their story will inspire you.

Real People. Real Stories. Real Inspiration.


I’m a mother of two teenagers.  My youngest, Jacob just turned 13.  He was diagnosed with Autism shortly before his second birthday and since then my life has been a journey to better understand him and his relationship with the world.  I decided to go back to school to get my Master’s in Early childhood special education so that I could better help Jacob, as well as to help other families who are navigating the world with children who are not like the other’s.  I teach in a special education kindergarten classroom now and love the work I do with the parent’s the most.  The children who don’t quite fit in are often the one’s with exceptional abilities as well.  It’s important to focus on what a child does well and not get stuck worrying about their challenges.


 The book began as a project I did for a class in graduate school.  I wanted to explain Jacob’s magical ability to connect to people in a non academic way.  At first it was just my own version of a collection of memorable moments that I shared with my son when he was smaller but he wasn’t happy with it when I read it to him.  He wanted to show me his memories so be began drawing pictures.  When I asked him to draw the subway, he looked at me like I was crazy and said “I could just take a picture, Mom!!” Eventually it evolved into a sort of a book.  The photo book became a tangible way to preserve those moments.



In the world of special needs, there is a persistent focus on the concept of developmental delay.  This language never felt accurate to me when discussing the needs of my own child who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2.  He wasn’t delayed.  He was just different.  He viewed and explored the world with an open non judgmental mind.  With this photo-book, I wanted to create a tangible way to celebrate his strength, which is in the way he is accepting and curious about all the people in the world around him.  It’s not really my story at all.  The experiences belong to Jacob.  The photographs are his and the drawings are his.  I just put it all together for him.  Children are taught (for good reason) not to talk to strangers.  Jacob knows and understands why this rule is in place but his genetic make up compels him to ask questions and he is unable to filter what much of society might consider inappropriate questions.  I see this quality not as a flaw of character but one of Jacob’s great strengths.  He is able to see and accept all people, no matter their eccentricities.  He has taught me so much about what it is to be a part of the whole community without putting up blinders to those around us who do not conform to the societal norms.


It began as something for myself but as I have shared it with people, I have come to see that sharing Jacob’s experiences can help other’s reflect on their own strengths.  I am now hoping to explore possibilities of creating educational tools to accompany this book and finding ways to share the content with students and parents of children who for lack of a better phrase, “are not like the others.”


Thank you for sharing Jacob’s story with us and choosing Adoramapix to preserve these memories. Your photo book is a true inspiration.

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We want to see your gorgeous faces with our gorgeous products.  If you have the most unique #Selfie with one of our products you could win $250 in lab credit in our #SelfiePix contest! (That’s a lot of loot)

So how do I enter? Easy!

1. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or G +.

2. Grab an Adoramapix product (prints, posters, photobooks, metal, acrylic, etc)  and take a picture of yourself with it. ( If you’re a new member, and have never tried us — just hold up a piece of paper with the word “Adoramapix” on it and we’ll give you a code for one of the products included in this list. )

3. Share it  with us or tag us on one of those aforementioned social media sites and tag it #SelfiePix.

4. We will then give you your special discount code for the product you are holding up. (Please note pro memberships, giftcards and prepaids are not included in this contest)

5. At the end of the contest, we will decide who has the  most creative #SelfiePix. Winner receives $250 in lab credit.

Contest ends November 3, 2014

2014 Adoramapix Rules and Regulations apply, one entry per person, on the days AdoramaPix is not open you’ll receive your code the following day)

Special thanks to @itsjordancullen who inspired us to make this contest.



Sep 2014 18
Lately,  we have been focusing on helping busy parents focus on preserving the past for their children. This week we introduce you to a mom who is adamant at just that — preserving her’s sons memories.
Meet Emily everyone.
Hello! My name is Emily! I am a wife, mommy to a crazy 18 month old, and photographer from Southern Indiana. I am an energetic, type A with a passion for keeping my plate as full as possible! The word “bored” is not even in my vocabulary! I love to live life and enjoy the crazy ride! My business, Emily Kay Studio, specializes in newborns, children, and families! I truly love what I do!
I have a few photographer friends who suggested that I use I am always on the hunt for good quality, budget friendly, prints labs with great customer service. I have tried MANY other online labs for my photo books, and Adoramapix has been the best overall quality in color, paper, and timely delivery that I have found. I refer all of my friends and clients to Adoramapix without hesitation.
Organizing is something that I kind of enjoy. Remember, I am a Type A, with a capital A! I will admit, until my son was 1-year-old, I had not organized his photos. I had “big camera” images, cell phone images, images that people had e-mailed me, and professional family photos that I was in, all sitting on my desktop glaring at me. It was a constant overwhelming feeling of, “where do I start?” I ended up just pushing it off. I worried about somehow loosing them if I didn’t do something with them soon! I had a scare when I thought I had lost almost all of my cell phone images from my son’s birth to 12 months. Think about that for a moment. Because of my laziness, I could have lost EVERY picture from his birth. I had a slight panic attack, and decided to get myself in gear and start the process of organizing them to order. Here is what I do:
  • Get a big cup of coffee.
  • Get all of the photos into one place. I created files on my desktop and labeled them accordingly. (ex: Newborn photos, iphone photos, Family photos) Since it had been so long, I had multiple family photo sessions, and milestone sessions that I had done of my son. They each got their own folder with a date. 
  • Next, I collected all of the images from online, disks, flash drives, cell phones, etc, and dragged and dropped into these folders. This allowed me to organize all of the images from different places into one spot. I sometimes delete some out at this point if they were pointless iphone captures that I don’t care to keep. No one wants to see screenshots of recipes and Pinterest ideas.
  • After the folders were made and filled, I moved them to a spot in my pictures that I labeled, “My personal pictures.” This helps me keep them separate from my client files. 
  • I feel very strongly about backing up my files. Once you have everything nice and organized, go ahead and upload them to an online storage gallery. That way, in the event that something happens to your computer, you will have back-ups of all of your images! I will keep pictures on my computer or on an external hard drive for about a year on top of the online storage, but I do a yearly computer cleaning to keep the files from dragging down my computer. With having an online back-up, you never have to worry about if you are about to delete your precious memories. Seriously, do it.


Being a photographer, urging clients to print their photos has become my mission. Even if you took the pictures with your iphone, they are still memories that you wanted to remember, or you wouldn’t have taken them. One of my favorite things to do is go to my mom’s house and look at our baby books. The memories are so neat to look back on. When you are 70 years old, sitting around your living room with your grand children, will you have anything to show from your past? Will you have to make up some excuse that, “back in your day”, it was only a digital age and no one did anything with their pictures? How sad would that be? It is up to us to take control of this digital world that we live in and print our memories now. If we don’t, we will regret it so much in the future! Make time to go through your pictures. Make time to order them. Make time to give them to relatives. One last thing, please, for the love of everything, do not go to 1 hour drug stores to print your beautiful images! If you are going to spend the money on professional images, take the time to order them from a professional lab. The color is better and the quality is better.


Photo books have been a lifesaver for me. Since I take WAY too many photos, it would be crazy for me to find a place to display all of them. What I have dedicated myself to do, is to create a photo book every 6 months. I set a timer on my phone to remind me that it has been 6 months, I do all of the steps above, and I order a book. It takes me a couple of hours, every 6 months. That is it. When you stay on top of it, it doesn’t seem like such a burden. My books are everything that happened in that time. Whether it was a family vacation, birthday, holiday, or just 6 months of iphone pictures. They are there. Every now and then, I will create special occasion books if I don’t want them to take over one of my other books. One really amazing feature of, is that you can re-order books with one click of a button. So, when grandma sees your book and decides that she needs a copy, it is easy peasy. Great Christmas presents! :)
Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. I was really behind, and it only took me a weekend to accomplish. I gave the toddler to my husband and said, “have fun, see you tomorrow” and knocked it out! haha!  Thank you for asking me to share my thoughts. It is something I am very passionate about!
Sep 2014 16

I was recently contacted to photograph a friend’s daughter with her horse.  Not having worked with horses much, I asked some of our members for some advice, did some research and I thought I would share those tips with everyone. These tips are more focused on interacting and communicating with the horse as well as getting the best results from the horse and its rider. I can honestly say, these tips work and they added to a wonderful first time experience working with equine.

1. Setting the Stage

Get there early while the horse is being groomed. Let the horse get comfortable with your presence and have your camera around your neck. Take a few pictures of the horse being groomed and let everyone (horse and rider included) do their routine in a relaxed manner. Make sure when the horse is being prepped that a leather halter is chosen. Sometimes the nylon halters are quite colorful and bold. You want the brightest part of the portrait to be your subjects, not what they are wearing.

2. There’s an App for That

In order to get the horse’s attention, you’ll need a few tricks. The first thing I did was download an app of horse sounds. As soon as I had my subjects in place, I had my assistant place the phone just above my lens and then hit the sound. The horse immediately recognized the sound perked its ears and eyes right towards my camera. It’s very important to get the horse’s ears standing up straight and pointed in your direction. This shows attention and interest. I found this great article on how to read the signals horses give you. Check it out HERE.


The other trick is to bring treats. If I wanted the horse to nuzzle with the rider, I would put treats in certain spots to make it look like there was interaction. If you look closely, you can see the treats in the girl’s lap.

3.  Get the Jitters Out

Like most animals, a horse’s attention is quite short. I noticed I could get a few great shots and then the horse needed to be diverted as it would get agitated staying in one position for too long. So the rider would take the horse on a short walk to get some energy out. The rider would circle the horse around and bring it back to the same position we had before so I could continue to get my images without having to adjust my camera settings.


4. Get it Right

Unlike a lot of other animals, you’ll need to be attentive to how you measure up to the horse. You should hold the camera at about the height of the chest of the horse. You’ll notice if you go too far down the legs look longer. If you go too far up the legs look shorter. Keep it in the right perspective.


5. Interaction

At the end of the session, let everyone relax. Let the horse and rider interact naturally with no direction from the photographer. It may not be a perfect shot, but sometimes it speaks volumes more than the posed shots.

 -Written and photographed by Libby for Adoramapix

Sep 2014 10

The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler. We are in the month of September and that means we are transitioning from summer to fall.  Hopefully, at this point you have started printing your summer memories. If not, let’s get those images off your phones and computers. Here are a few quick and easy decoration ideas you can implement in your own home.

1. Maps and Pictures

One of my favorite projects I started this year is taking a picture of my children in the different states we visited. I found an old atlas, tore out the pages, laminated them and then went to Home Depot to have the wood (frames) cut. I picked a red/brown stain to match my home and I taped the picture to the map. Since it’s laminated, it won’t tear the map and I can always move it or add to it as the kids get older. Yes, the bigger plan here is to get the children in all 50 states and have a separate map for each state displayed.



2. DIY Frames

Children and adults constantly pick up tokens from trips including sand and seashells. Why not incorporate prints with those tokens? Simply find a square vase if you have it, if you don’t most thrift stores have these for a bargain. First, pour the sand in to anchor the image. Place the image into the sand. Then drop your shells around the picture. You have an instant contained shadow box.


3. Photo Book It

Part of the fun of summer is archiving those special family moments. If you went camping – why not dedicate a book solely to this excursion? AdoramaPix Member Rivka shows us how she documented her family camping trip with a photo book. She broke it down into days and times and included a lot of the little extra items that we sometimes forget are special when it comes to camping. The end result is a great souvenir from a place that does not sell souvenirs.

vaca2 vaca1

4. Burlap Twist

Looking to spice up your canvas? I made a quick 8×8 canvas and took some burlap and stretched it around a frame. It’s a 9×12 frame. I then put some tab hangers on the side panels of the canvas and a decorative hook at the top. I simply put some string on the tabs and hooked them to the hanger on the burlap. I love the 3-D  look. Plus it’s easy to change out if I decide I want to change the decor.





5. Pin It

Want to display more than just one print? Easy – go to your nearest craft store and pick out a few clothes pins that are sturdy. You can decorate them however you like and your kids will love to get involved. From washi tape to glitter, your clothes pins can be as unique as your pictures. You’ll want to make sure the prints are in direct proportion to your image. Here I chose 4×4 instagram prints.



These are just a few simple and easy ways to display your summer prints. We hope this will inspire you to print your memories with us and make your house a home.

-Written by Libby for Adoramapix

-Images by Libby for Adoramapix

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