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Great news everyone! You can now convert your hardcover photo books into flush mount albums easily.

First, go to your photo books that you have created. Under the orange button “complete book” or if it’s been ordered already under the green button “reorder book”. You’ll find Convert into flush mount. Click on this link.


A pop up guide will then appear. It will prompt you to select a cover and paper.  It will also ask if you would like rounded corners and gilding. Hit convert and your photo book  has been converted into a flush mount album.


We also wanted to make sure you knew you can add metallic paper to your flush mount albums. This is currently not available for hardcover.

Sep 2014 04

We love to get feedback on our products. It’s especially helpful to get feedback from people just starting out with our company and making photo books.  We recently met a mom of 6 children who made a photo book. That’s right we said a mom of 6. Meet Joy everyone.

I’m Joy and I live in Coquitlam.I am married and have 6 kids under the age of 10. Been married for 10 years to my hubby Peter who I met in highschool, but we were not highschool sweethearts, just friends. We ended up dating a few years after HS and the rest is history. I love taking pictures, it’s a hobby of mine! I would love to be a photographer but time and money keep me from it So I just do it for fun at the moment and learn along the way.



I love capturing moments of the kids lives, they grow up so fast and just saving all their sweet and crazy moments in pictures is a treasure. They love looking at old pictures of themselves, and that’s why is started doing photo books. I started doing old school scrapbooking, but that took forever and ended costing more too. So I started doing photos books.


So this photo book I made of our trip to Mexico. It was our 10 year anniversary trip and a friends wedding. It was at the same resort that we happen to get married in too so we thought that was pretty cool.  I chose all the photos from my picture file and dropped it into the Adoramapix site. There was a  learning curve but it was intuitive. I chose templates but also moved things around a bit. I loved the final product!! The quality of the book is amazing and nothing like any other book I’ve made from other sites. The thickness of the pages and the finish of the paper is great!! Love it!!



Thank you Joy.  If a mom of 6 kids under the age of 10 has time to make a photo book, then so do you! We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at and we’ll feature your photo book story.


Sep 2014 03

What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. And, most importantly, cookies. ~Rudy Giuliani

Grandparents Day is just around the corner. No matter how you say it, Na Na, Pa Pa, Nonna, Nonno, Lola, Lolo, Savta, Saba, it all means unconditional love.

If you are wondering what to get the grandparents to show them your gratitude, you can bet some prints of their grandchildren ranks as number one. Of course they would love images of their grandchildren smiling and laughing. However, it’s just as important to document the grandchildren with the grandparents.

There are lots of ways you can photograph grandchildren and grandparents together.

1. Posed

Have everyone face the camera. Grandchildren and Grandparents should get comfortable with each other and have it less posed. Grandchildren hanging on their grandparents or sitting on their laps is the perfect way to capture everyone’s smiles and laughter.



2. Activities

I played a lot of  Wahoo with my grandma back in the day. I wish someone would have snapped a picture of me playing this game with her. Lots of conversations were had over this game and I learned a lot about my grandmother. Take pictures of  your children doing those favorite activities with their grandparents.You may want to switch to a telephoto lens for this and give them space to play.  This type of photograph is sure to bring back nostalgic memories for both grandparents and grandchildren.

unnamed (2)


3. Artistic and Close Up

Not all of the images need to be of faces. One of my favorite images to see is the hand of a child in that of an elder. It shows the contrast between the young and the experienced.



 4. Individual Shots

If there is more than one grandchild, make sure to get individual shots of each grandchild with each grandparent. This way, each grandchild will have at least one photograph of their special bond with their grandparent.


5. Frequently Photograph

Children change daily, it’s important to capture them with their grandparents as much as possible. As children change, so does their relationship with their grandparents. It’s important to document these important stages in everyone’s life.

Of course none of this make a difference, if you don’t have the images printed. Take the time to print them out or put them in an Adoramapix photo book. We have plenty of themes to choose from.  To get inspired, feel free to look through our template gallery. You can find it HERE. 

-Written by Libby for Adoramapix

-Images via Shutterstock for editorial purposes

Sep 2014 02

This week marks fashion week in New York City. Have you ever wondered what it takes to get some of those amazing shots of models strutting down the cat walk? After talking to some  of our members who do this regularly, here are 5 tips on how not to commit a faux pas during fashion week.

1. Location, Location, Location

Get there early and get your position. There are lots of photographers who are vying for the same shot as you will be so it’s best to get everything in order and arrive early. Make sure you have cleared all the hurdles and have gained permission from the organizers.


2. White Balance

You’ll be dealing with a lot of different lighting situations. White balance is crucial when you are photographing fashion shows. You want to make sure you get the colors correct. Do some tests before hand and make sure to check your histogram. Try pre-setting your white balance for the most accurate color. Not sure how to set your white balance? Check out THIS ARTICLE we did a few months ago on getting the best white balance for your image.


3. Portrait vs. Landscape

It’s about the fashion. Let’s not forget that. Shoot a majority of your images vertical and allow for plenty of space above the model’s head and below the model’s feet. When you do shoot horizontal or square, make sure it’s appropriate. For example, when all of the  models come out at the end showcasing the entire fashion line, that is a perfect time to capture them horizontally or square. Another great time to photograph landscape, is when the designer has their name displayed on the back wall.  It’s important for designers to have their name linked to their fashion. Make sure to snap a few with the models to the side of the name. Make sure you can read the whole name.



4. Don’t Forget the Back

Designers put a lot of work into their designs. It’s important to not only get the front, but the back as well. Designers like to see how a creation will flow both from the front and back. Don’t hinder yourself by only photographing the front.


5. Fast Lens

Since you have no control over the light level you may want to consider using a fast lens. A fast lens with a wide aperture, F2.8 or lower, would be the best way to capture the action of the models walking down the runway. Also, remember when shooting at this low of an aperture you can keep the model in sharp focus while softening the background.

-Written by Libby for Adoramapix with the help of members

-Photographs are by Shutterstock and are used for editorial purposes




Aug 2014 27

Every month, we ask questions to our members about what and who inspires them the most. This month we focus on the top photography YouTube channels out there  that have helped our members along their creative path. According to  our AdoramaPix Members, here are the top 5 YouTube channels for photographers.

1. Adorama 

Without a question, Adorama’s channel is rich in information for the new and experienced photographer.  It is more than a just a camera store, it is an educational resource like no other. It has several different channels, each focused on a different aspect of photography. Mark Wallace does an amazing job of hosting most of  the informational videos. His friendly demeanor and ability to break things down into the simplest of terms makes it easy for photographers to understand and implement.



2. Jared Polin (aka Fro Knows Photo)

With his amazing hair and sincere love for the photography industry, it’s hard not to get caught up in his enthusiasm. Jared Polin, aka FroKnows Photo, offers critiques, tips and great humor. He is determined to help those just starting out by having them get off Auto Mode and switch to Manual Mode. He is a true digital pioneer in the 21st century. Plus, his grandma, Lil,  gives him advice about life on his channel and it is endearing.


3.DigitalRev TV

I can not stop laughing when I watch this channel. The main presenter Kai is so fun. Even the about section has me laughing , “The most subscribed and viewed photography show on the interweb, presented by an asian dude with a British Accent.” With its bright pink graphics and Kai’s dry sense of humor this just makes this channel a delight to watch. Not all instructional videos need to be so serious. You can view new episodes every Monday and Thursday.


4. FStoppers

This is a conglomeration of great photographers coming together to educate the photography community. The channel offers behind-the-scnes videos, gear reviews and so much more. What’s great about this community is that it’s a group of full-time photographers, videographers, retouchers, and editors.  Because of this, it means the group’s  content is always fresh and up to date. Check out the taser portrait series – it’s shocking.



5. Phlearn

You can’t be a photographer in today’s day and age without knowing about PhotoShop and Lightroom. Aaron always has a smile on his face and  puts the “Phun”  in PhotoShop and Photography. It’s important to know the ins and outs of PhotoShop and this channel is dedicated to getting you on the right track.



-Written by Libby for Adoramapix based on feedback from members

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