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‘Tis the season to hit the open road. When the skies turn blue and the days seem to last forever, now is the time when we feel the urge to travel. It’s important to document your travels in a photo book as they reflect your special memories and adventures with friends and family.

There are a number of ways you can document your road trip.

1. Journal

For those that love the written word as much as the photograph, we have the perfect template for you: The Journal. This template lends itself well to combining these two aspects. We have a number of fonts that look like hand writing to compliment your images. You can also pick your font color and size to match the image. Here I chose a font that looked like my handwriting and the I pulled the color from the rocks.


2. Day by Day

This is an account of your day to day travels. Arrange all of your photos in chronological order. You can then load them to our PixPublisher.  The template world traveler lends itself well for the day to day type of archiving of your travel memories.



3. Just for the Little Ones

A great idea is make a smaller photo book for your children. Load it with pictures and fun, colorful backgrounds and chat bubbles.  Include pictures of the family and solo shots of the children. They will love to have their own photo travel photo book. It will work well as a memento – a glimpse at their life at a specific age.  The 6×12 photo book size is a fun and perfect size for this type of travel photo book.




We have a handful of other travel themed templates that are fun and easy to use. Feel free to be adventurous and take a look around our other themes like panoramic and photography. These templates often showcase designs with little to no embellishments when you are looking to keep things simple.

We hope a few of these ideas will spark your imagination to get your images off your cards, computers and phones and make a travel photo book that will last for generations.


Jul 2014 16

We have such amazing members who are creative and inspiring. This week we want to turn our spotlight on member Terry Cloud. Terry works for a professional hockey team and turns all of the team’s broken hockey sticks into frames to showcase his Adoramapix prints.


Terry was kind enough to show us this DIY along with the steps on how to achieve this look.

Start off with a hockey stick.


I use a low profile back loading frame to build frame around and then to put into hockey stick frame at end.  You also need 4 corner brackets, a frame hanger and some athletic tape.


 Measure the outside of the picture frame and mark the measurements onto hockey stick to cut.

Using a circular saw set at 45degrees, cut all the pieces and sand edges if needed.


Assemble frame loosely and place corner brackets in place.  Drill starter holes and then screw them into place.




Once all four corners are secure, I use athletic tape to cover the seams on the edges.  Plus, it’s a hockey stick, and they have this tape on them when in use, so it makes sense.

Measure on top of frame to find center and screw your frame hanger in place.



Once frame is assembled and tape is on, I place the other frame inside of it.  It fits securely but I still use four screws to hold it in place inside the hockey stick frame.



Thank you Terry for this fantastic DIY. We can see this as the perfect way to showcase your Adoramapix photos of your favorite hockey players.

Jul 2014 15

This is the fourth installment of our 5 Common Photography Mistakes series.  Today, we look at not fully understanding the rule of thirds in photography.

According to Wikipedia ” The rule of thirds is a “rule of thumb” or guideline which applies to the process of composing visual images such as designsfilmspaintings, and photographs.[1] The guideline proposes that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines, and that important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections.[2]Proponents of the technique claim that aligning a subject with these points creates more tension, energy and interest in the composition than simply centering the subject would.”

As seen in the image  below, by Courtney Slazinik of Click it up a Notch, where your subject is placed in the fame makes all the difference in the world. ruleofthirdsBelow, Courtney give us some easy to understand methods on how to make sure your images have impact using the rule of thirds.

Jul 2014 03

Each Thursday, we carve out a little niche in the internet world on our blog to talk about all things photo book related. This week we have something special with a change in our Pix Publisher software.


Hold on to your hats, we’ve added a long awaited change to our pixpublisher editor – the ability to make changes to your entire photo book at once. In other words, if you wanted to make a change such as replacing all text in your photo book from Arial in black to Times New Roman in red, you can now do so with a single mouseclick.

Why is this a big deal? Well, let’s say you’re making a wedding album and you like one of the wedding templates we offer, but the colors used in the template don’t match your wedding colors. Using the old method, you had to go through the whole book clicking on every piece of text, every background, every sticker, changing them appropriately. Now you can change the whole book in moments. Here’s how it works.


The first way to do it is using the new Apply to All option. This works like a copy/paste to your entire book. In other words, change your object to the settings you like, then click Apply to All and every other object of the same type in your book will be changed to the same settings.




Be aware, this will change all instances of that type of object to the exact same settings, which can sometimes have unexpected results. For example, say you had a black and white themed wedding template and you select some black Arial 22pt text and change the font to Carla Thin and click Apply to All. You may be surprised by the following results:

1.       Even though you only changed the font, all the settings were copied. Thus, if your photo book has some black pages with white text on them, the white text will also get changed to black, making it essentially invisible against the black background.

2.       If some of the text in your book is a different size – such as a larger point size on the cover title, and smaller point sizes along the spine and in paragraphs of text, all of those will get changed to 22 point as well

So, be careful when using the Apply to All because it does in fact copy all the settings from the selected object and applies them indiscriminately to all the similar objects in your book.

So what happens if you want to change a font without changing the colors or size throughout your book? That’s where the global settings menu comes in.

Along the left edge of your screen you’ll see a vertical row of tabs. Click the bottom one marked Settings. On the panel that opens you’ll see three categories:

a)      Text

b)      Photos

c)       Stickers

These options will allow you to make changes to those types of elements throughout your photo book.

For example, if you would like to change just the font throughout your photo book without changing any of the other settings, you can do so here.

When you apply a change in the global settings menu, only the specific setting you change is applied.

We hope you enjoy this latest change. It should save you a lot of time when making sweeping changes to your Adoramapix  photo books and it certainly makes it a lot quicker to modify our templates to match your personal vision.


Jul 2014 02

Now that it’s summer it’s time to hit the open road. If you are looking for instagram inspiration, look no further than our top 10 inspiring instagram travel photographers. This list was compiled by the help of our own members and who they follow.  These are in no particular order.

First up, one of our favorites is Trey Ratcliff. Trey is a wonderful and inspiring photographer. He shares his passion and experience with other photographers. You may know him from his website called Stuck in Customs – the #1 travel photography blog on the internet. His instagram images are an extension of  his blog and you won’t go wrong adding him to your ig feed.



@michaelchristopherbrown blows me away with his behind the scenes look into third world countries and conflict. His images are real and portray courage and strength.  His images are a wonderful contrast to those travel images we see that only showcase beautiful surroundings with little to no human element.



According to @KirstenAlana  ‘s about section on her website Aviators and a CameraKirsten is a photographer, content creator, digital marketer and conference speaker who has built a good portion of her career around experimentation with mobile technology, instructing at offices such as the AOL headquarters, the Apple Store UWS and at conferences like TBEX, TBU, TBE and Traverse. She spent a decade as a professional portrait and wedding photographer before turning her lens to travel. What I love about her ig feed is that even the meals she posts leave me wanting to try these dishes from around the world. 


It seems Canadians take our breath away with their travels. @alexstrohl ‘s images draw you in with their leading lines and landscapes. It’s no wonder we check back daily to see what new adventure he is taking us on.




The reason I really love @mevallieres instagram account is that all of her photos are authentically from her iphone. Again, she is the reason for the saying, the best camera is the one you have with you.



According to his bio, @fosterhunting is a nomad surfer who travels the country in his 1986 Volkswagen van. His Instagram photos capture moments from his adventures on the road, building fires at campsites in the Sierras and catching waves in Baja. What’s not to love about living vicariously through his ig feed?



She’s young and Australian and she travels the world and documents it @worldwanderlust. Brooke Saward’s mission is to inspire, inform and intrigue with her travel blog and her instagram account.



Photographer Carin Olsson of @parisinfourmonths left her home to follow her dreams. Originally she was to be in Paris for only four months, however she just couldn’t leave this magical city.



You can follow the adventures of Jill and Kyla of  @ourwildabandon. They are based out of Canada but their adventures take us around the world.



Last not but not lease is @jontaylorsweet. I was able to meet Jon in May at a meetup and his generous and amazing spirit is evident in the photos he takes throughout the NorthWest.



Who are some of your favorite instagram travel photographers? Feel free to leave a comment!


-written by Michelle Libby for Adoramapix from suggestions from our members

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