Nov 2013 07

Since our PixPublisher is so diverse and offers so many amazing assets, each week we will focus on one item to help you create an amazing photo book.

This week we want to show you how to have a smooth color fade. If you would like to have a smooth fade to a solid color you can do this using stickers. The easiest way to do this is to:

1. Open the stickers panel and type blend into the search box.

2. Drag the sticker called softedge strip onto your page.

3.Rotate and stretch it so that the dark end fits against the solid color you want to blend to, and the sticker extends for the full length of the page. In the example photo below the sticker is highlighted to show where it was positioned.

4. Click on the color fill option and use the eyedropper to select the adjacent solid color so that the sticker’s edge transitions smoothly to that color.

5. To make the fade more or less gradual just stretch the height of the sticker.



We hope this little tip will help you create more unique and fun designs with our PixPublisher.

Nov 2013 26

This is one of my favorite times of the year as we get together with family and friends.  It’s the time of year that is both  busy and festive and yet, it’s also a  great time to reflect, focus and photograph the moments that are fleeting.  There are a few things to keep in mind  to get natural and beautiful shots of everyone at Thanksgiving.  With just a few simple steps you can build a beautiful photo book from this one special day.

1. Details

Start your Thanksgiving photography casual by focusing on the details. Let your friends and family warm up before you start to put them in front of the lens. Get close-ups of the turkey, the decorations and of course the table setting before dinner is served. These details will not only help set the stage but will help as filler as well when making a Thanksgiving photo book.


2. Action Shots

This is always the fun part. After the details, you can start to warm up your family and friends by getting action shots. No posed shots at this point. Get mom taking the turkey out of the oven. Photograph grand dad showing the kids how to set the table.  It can also just be a close up of someone laughing. At this point it’s important to get all of the little moments that occur in the hours before the big meal before they disappear.



3. Formality of Thanksgiving

Now that everyone is warmed up and excited for the meal, this is the perfect time to photograph the big dinner. First get pictures of all the food  in its place on the table. Then when everyone is seated take the formal shot of everyone at the table. The important thing  here is to make sure you can see everyone. Use a wider angle lens to include the whole table and family and friends at their place settings. After this photograph, put the camera down for a bit and enjoy the conversation.



4. Generations

This is typically a time when generations get together. Think about this as a family historian. Photograph the grandparents with the grand kids. Think of other family combinations as well like siblings together and parents. Do a lot of different variations. This doesn’t have to be formal, it can be casual and fun.  Getting those candid moments are just as important as the formal ones.



5. Get Outside

This time of year there is so much going on outside your home’s door. Take a few minutes to go outside and capture what’s going on with your surroundings. Try getting images of the front of your house, or maybe the wreath on your door.  These photographs will help to make a wonderful starting and ending point to your Thanksgiving photo book. Start the book with an image of your front door. End the photo book with maybe an image of the sun setting.



The key to a great Thanksgiving photo book is to fill it with all different aspects of the day, but not forgetting to have a proper start and finish to the book. Remember to keep the day candid and fun while not forgetting to capture the memories, traditions and even the quiet moments. You’ll then have a photo book to cherish and pass down from generation to generation.


-Written by Libby for Adoramapix


Dec 2013 09

From time to time, I like to write up personal posts. This is one of them. The title on this blog post may be a bit misleading, but you’ll see what I mean when I start talking about personal photos.  Some of these tips are just  a good old fashioned, snap out of it and document your life! We have birth  certificates that show we were born, death certificates to show that we died, our photos and photo books are the only memories to show .. that we lived!

1. Stop Editing Yourself out of Your Kids’ Memories

I just need need to lose ten more pounds before I get snapped with my family. My hair is a mess, I think I’ll just take a picture of the kids. Well these types of excuses are just that, excuses. Your family and children love you as you are – they loved you at your best and your worst.  Your kids look up to you and love you. It’s all in your head how you think you should look for a picture. My daughter took a picture of me helping my son up at a holiday store to see what color sparkles he wanted. My hair was in a pony tail, I was wrestling with an 8-year-old and the photo made me laugh so much, that it’s definitely being printed. These are the kind of moments I cherish, fleeting and funny. If I would have worried about how I looked, this moment would have been gone for good. It’s wonderful to see myself through my children’s eyes.



2. Stop Micro-Managing your Memories

Every year we get ready to make our coveted ginger bread houses. I wanted to  intervene and help the 8 year old with his house, but again, it was so funny because he kind of had a difficult time, but rolled with it. He said his clone troopers destroyed it and  set up some of his men to prove it. Meanwhile, the 12 year old looked like she built a french chateau. The image of these two ginger bread houses side by side just shows me how different my kids are and how funny and talented they truly are. I’m glad I let my son do as he wished and let his imagination run wild. He did the ol’ plan “b” — and made it work for him and he was so proud of it.



3. They Make Faces and Act Up, It’s OK

I asked my children to just go over by the tree for one quick picture. Well, it turned into a 3 ring circus. We had to get the dog in the picture, she is after all part of the family. We had to fake cry that I was putting them through a lot of torture for this one picture. Plus we had a child who could not sit still or stop making faces. I did not get that one perfect looking at me and smiling at the camera shot. I am ok with this, as this is my life and it is a more true reflection of the shenanigans that go on at our house.  It’s silly, it’s happy it’s not perfect.

4. Include Other’s Photos

My children are at an age now where they like to take pictures with their ipods and my iphone. They might take a picture of the presents or their favorite ornament. Give them challenges of things to take pictures of around the house. For instance, take a picture of your favorite ornament. These are a reflection of how they see the holidays and what gets them excited.



5. Put it ALL Together in a Photo Book

This is the most important step. Your photo books never crash or defragment. Those jpegs need to live and breathe in a photo book. For little ones especially, they like the feel and touch of going through the photo books and pointing to different people and items.  Now some of my images are a lower quality from my iphone, but I know this going in, so I’ll keep those smaller, no bigger than a 6×6 but the rest I can go larger. Organize your images loosely from decorating, to baking to the final days of present opening.  In the end, the photo book will be a true, personal reflection of your lives and the holidays. This is not for your clients or for your business, this is for you and your family. Make it real and make it memorable. Life’s too short to be perfect. If you are looking for some inspiration on photo books check out our holiday gallery HERE. 




Written by Libby for Adoramapix.


Oct 2014 23

If you have little ones and observe Halloween, then you know all of the preparations that go into finding just the right costume.  As my children grow older, I realize how fun it was to go back and archive these moments and put them into an Adoramapix photo book keepsake.

In this week’s photo book design corner, we take a look at the options to build a spooky Halloween photo book.

We offer a few fun templates for Halloween. If you go to our inspirational gallery, you’ll see them under Holiday.

First is “Fright Nights”. This template offers fun clip art and is graphic heavy.


Our second template is “Happy Halloween“.  This template has more subdued graphics and is photo heavy.




If you prefer to go rogue, then we have all the elements you’ll need from pumpkins to spiders to build your photo book. Under the stickers section, simply search for Halloween and hundreds of stickers will avail themselves.


If you go to backgrounds, you can also search for Halloween or you can get even more specific and search for certain elements like spiders. Yes, we even have backgrounds with spiders in them.


We have several fonts as well, I find that Simpson and Freedom9 lend themselves well to more of a Halloween feel.

Whatever route you take, it’s important make these memories a keepsake with an Adoramapix photo book. Afterall, before you know it your Mr. T and Tinkerbell will grow up before your eyes and will no longer go door to door Tricking and Treating. So give yourself a treat this year and archive those precious memories into an Adoramapix photo book.


Nov 2014 20

The Holidays are just around the corner and it’s during this time of year we often become nostalgic. As we begin to make new memories, it’s important to keep the old memories alive with print. You shouldn’t need a fully charged phone or electricity to view memories of yesteryear. With this in mind, we have a few suggestions for holiday photo books for you to make for yourself, your loved ones and your friends.

• Winter Fun

Take photos of the family having fun in the snow – ice skating or sledding. We have a great selection of winter assets that can be used as backdrops and hundreds of winter themed stickers to add to your design.


(Template: Happy Holidays)


• Holiday Recipes

Remember Grandma’s pumpkin pie? No? Well start to collect recipes from the family and friends and publish in a holiday recipe book. This is definitely something you will want to gift to others.  We have a food template that is easily customizable. I switched the colors to red and added snowflakes for a more holiday feel.


(Template: Recipe Book with colors altered to match food and snowflakes added from stickers library)


• Holiday Traditions

Take photos of the holiday traditions that are unique to your family and commemorate them in your own book.  From decorating the holiday tree to making gingerbread houses, all of these little things are what make memories. Pass those memories and traditions on to the next generation by taking pictures of them and printing them in a photo book.


(Template: Holiday Magic)

• Holiday Toys

One year they want toy cars, the next year it’s all lego. As the years pass, your children will grow away from toys. However, why not give their toys their own special photo book? Your kids will love it when they get older and see what they played with on the holidays. Get creative and take close ups of the toys as well as your child playing with the toys.  You can also incorporate their Christmas wish list. It will be fun to view their handwriting through the years and the toys that sparked their imaginations.


(Template: Custom Built with Snow Flake Background)

Holiday Thank You Book

If you’ve received gifts from out of town family, make a photo book with holiday photos, including some in which their gifts are being enjoyed as a personalized thank you.


(Template: Silent Night)


We hope that a few of these suggestions will give you some ideas on the many different holiday photo books you can make. When it comes down to it, preserving your past for the next generation is easy when you print your pictures in an AdoramaPix photo book.


-Written by Libby for AdoramaPix