Oct 2013 16

In this week’s tip for our PixPublisher, we focus on a feature that will bring color to your photo book.  One of the most power features of PixPublisher is the ability to change the color of any sticker or frame to whatever color you want. This can be done by the use of the color fill option. Changing a sticker’s color is easy, just follow these steps:

1.       Select a sticker or frame in by clicking on it.

2.       You’ll see a Color Fill option appear on the orange toolbar above the workspace.


3.       Click on the colored square and you’ll see the color selection panel open.

These are your choices for the new color you want to change the selected object to. You can:

a)      choose a color from the palette

b)      manually enter a color code into the input box

c)       use the eyedropper tool to pick a color by clicking anywhere on the screen.

4.       Once you’ve chosen a color, you’ll see the sticker or frame change to that color.

It’s that easy.

Changing colors is an extremely powerful feature that can be used in many creative ways. Not only can you change the colors of stickers to suit the palette for your project, you can use a combination of color fill and opacity to tint your photos by adding colored layers over them. You can also create custom colored backgrounds by re-coloring transparent overlays, and much more.

Nov 2013 21

Every week we dedicate a blog post to tips and tricks in our PixPublisher to help you make amazing photo books. This week we focus on swapping out your pictures in your layout.


When putting the finishing touches on a photo book, sometimes you’ll find that a spread looks better if you exchange the placement of some of the photos. This is particularly true when using the auto fill function to place your photos for you. This is where the swap function in PixPublisher comes in.

Rather than having to find the photos in the image pane and re-dragging them onto the page in the proper placement, you can just pick two photos and swaptheir positions. The steps are as follows:

1.       When you have two photos on a spread and you want to swap their position, you first have to select them both. You do this by holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on both the photos you want you exchange.

2.       Once both photos are selected, you’ll see an icon called Swap Photos appear on the toolbar in the workspace.

3.       Clicking on the swap photos icon will cause both the selected images to exchange positions. It’s that simple!

NOTE: When you exchange two photos, any adjustments that were made to those photos in terms of Panning and Zooming will be reset.


Jan 2014 09


Each week we like to focus on one small area of our PixPublisher Online Software. The tips are designed to enhance your photo books and unleash your creativity.

Today we want to show you how to make your photos appear as a background on your photo book. This short one minute YouTube gives you the step by step process to adding your photos as background.

Mar 2014 20

Each week we focus on photo book design ideas that can help you with your wedding photo books, baby photo books, engagement photo books, etc. This week, we turn the spotlight to creating your own custom stickers and applying them through our online software PixPublisher. This is perfect for scrapbookers and photographers who want to add their logo to their books. Here is a simple tutorial and perfecting the customized sticker.


Jul 2014 31

‘Tis the season to hit the open road. When the skies turn blue and the days seem to last forever, now is the time when we feel the urge to travel. It’s important to document your travels in a photo book as they reflect your special memories and adventures with friends and family.

There are a number of ways you can document your road trip.

1. Journal

For those that love the written word as much as the photograph, we have the perfect template for you: The Journal. This template lends itself well to combining these two aspects. We have a number of fonts that look like hand writing to compliment your images. You can also pick your font color and size to match the image. Here I chose a font that looked like my handwriting and the I pulled the color from the rocks.


2. Day by Day

This is an account of your day to day travels. Arrange all of your photos in chronological order. You can then load them to our PixPublisher.  The template world traveler lends itself well for the day to day type of archiving of your travel memories.



3. Just for the Little Ones

A great idea is make a smaller photo book for your children. Load it with pictures and fun, colorful backgrounds and chat bubbles.  Include pictures of the family and solo shots of the children. They will love to have their own photo travel photo book. It will work well as a memento – a glimpse at their life at a specific age.  The 6×12 photo book size is a fun and perfect size for this type of travel photo book.




We have a handful of other travel themed templates that are fun and easy to use. Feel free to be adventurous and take a look around our other themes like panoramic and photography. These templates often showcase designs with little to no embellishments when you are looking to keep things simple.

We hope a few of these ideas will spark your imagination to get your images off your cards, computers and phones and make a travel photo book that will last for generations.


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