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The Holiday lights are strung, the decorations are up and your gift list is a mile long – welcome to the Holiday Season. The Holidays are here and like every year, at this time in a photo lab we are starting to feel the heat (even in the cold weather).

This year we want to ensure everyone has a festive and happy season while meeting their deadlines – but we need your help. This year we are not announcing a deadline for orders, instead we have added new equipment, more staff and installed a printing guide time calculator. This calculator is located on your main page of your account when you log in. It will show EX200 wait and volume times in our lab. Delivery times may vary depending on your shipping choice and location.

This is the part where casino online we need your help. Please make This type of condition can require years of surgical intervention, but no coverage since the condition is preexisting. sure to check the Holiday Printing Calculator BEFORE you click “submit” on your orders. This will give you an accurate reading as to when to
070-463expect your order, you’ll also need to add on delivery times. The earlier you submit your orders, the less you’ll have the Holiday Blues.

These improvements were made to ensure a smooth run through the season for both you and us.  So don’t delay and take advantage of these improvements by placing your order with us today!

We will be closed December 25, 2011 and January 1, 2012.

Thank you and Happy Holidays from Adoramapix and its staff.

Apr 2013 11

One of the promises that I made after I had my daughter (among the many) was that I would no longer let my personal photos collect proverbial dust in the vortex that is my archiving system. Vacation photos, holiday photos, family photos…if they weren’t for clients or as part of a photography project, once I started shooting digital I would rarely make prints. Everything changes when you have kids and for me that included not just how I make memories but what I do with them once I’ve recorded them. To this day my family goes through old albums and I love when my dad posts old photos on Facebook…especially when I’ve never seen them before. Making prints of memories is important!

So I solved the problem of my personal photos taken with my dslr because I started to make books and prints for gallery walls but what about my iPhone? I have over 11,000 pictures on it! (#issues #hoarder) I’ve made prints of those before too but I wanted to make a special photo book just for Lucia.

While most kids play games and watch shows on the iPad my girl likes to go through the camera roll and scroll through old photos – “remember this day, mommy?” is one of her many catch phrases. So I teamed up with my friends at Adorama to make an 8×8 photo book of some of our favorite family memories as recorded by my iPhone and processed on Instagram.


The book


The hardest part for me was selecting the pictures (no surprise).  The book itself was so simple to make because the program online is very straightforward and you have full control over the style and design.  There are many different templates to choose from for every size book available and in fact for someone like me who is terribly indecisive there are almost too many templates.  I narrowed it down to five and then just went with my favorite.  After selecting your images and loading them up to the website (a process that is very fast depending on your internet connectivity) you just drag and drop them into the space in your blank book and save as you go.  Ta-da!  I even cheated a bit and was able to drag a few photos into blank spaces that weren’t meant for images and I was able to play with the size a bit to make photos larger than the space allowed them to be.  You can select photos from a number of different sources including Picasa, Flickr, your Adoramapix account and your computer.


I’ve been working with Adorama for personal and professional projects for years so it was no surprise to me that the quality of the book is top notch.  The pages are printed on real photographic silver-halide paper with a lustre finish so the colors are bright and saturated with great flesh tones.  For photography junkies like me this is a huge deal.  They use real archival quality photo paper so it’s fade-resistant and you even have several paper choices.  I also really like how thick and sturdy the pages are.  Another really important feature for me when I made this book was that the HD glossy paper is fingerprint resistant!  Hello?  Amazing!  I usually prefer matte paper for my prints but I was making this book specifically for my toddler to thumb through, carry with her, and put her hands all over it so this feature was a major draw for me. 


Here’s what I did: so simple…

1.  Visited and chose the perfect book size

Once I decided that I wanted to use my Instagram photos (since she loves them so much) I realized that the 8×8 format was perfect for the square-cropped pictures.   Since I’m terrible at editing to make a concise collection I went with a 26-page book.  Not too many, not too few.  I felt like it was the perfect number of images to keep my toddler’s attention and just enough to capture the feeling of the general “theme” I decided to go with.

2.  Chose my images

With so many pictures to choose from I had a very difficult task ahead of me so I just went with favorite images of the last year or so that were strictly of our family. A NYC-themed book of Instagrams is up next but I wanted to make this one for her first.

The front cover gave me the option of choosing four photos.  I opted to leave the title off the front and put it only on the spine.  You can choose from several different fonts and sizes.

The back cover.  I loved that I was able to have one large photo on the back to balance out the four photos I chose for the front.


Thank you to Monica Shulman who inspires photographers and artists through her blog  called Ciao, Chessa! .  It is a photography and lifestyle blog dedicated to people who appreciate the little details that make life amazing. Since its birth in 2008, her blog  has evolved into a place where she talks about artphotographytravelmotherhood,  living in New York, and the people and things that inspire her.

Aug 2014 07

Summer is drawing to a close and school is just starting to rev up for your children. Before the warm summer sun fades, why not make a summer memory photo book? Your photo books do not have to be about lavish summer vacations with your children, instead they can be about the simplicity about being a kid and enjoying the summer months.

This time in your child’s life is fleeting, make sure to capture all of those moments that make a kid grateful to be a kid. I chose the template Summer Nights”  to come up with a few suggestions. This template is bright and fun and there is a lot you can do with it.

When you think about your child’s summer, think about  the little things like jumping rope. It’s simple but a big accomplishment when they learn how to do it.


This is one of my favorites and may be hard to photograph. However, I have been catching lightning bugs with my kids for years. It never gets old and the delight never fades.summer2

There are many firsts during the summers. Has your child made a lemonade stand? Document this milestone with them posing by the stand. Don’t forget to get close ups of everything involved from the lemons to the signs to the pitcher. It all makes for great memories.summer3

Finally, what is summer without playdates? Your child and their childhood friends are at a great bonding stage in their lives. Most of us still have childhood friends that hold a special place in our hearts. Capture them at this stage and the fun they have together.summer4

These are just a few ideas on how to capture and keep summer memories for your children. If you have any ideas please comment below, we’d love to hear them.

-Written by Libby for Adoramapix

-Images courtesy of Shutterstock for editorial purposes



Sep 2014 18
Lately,  we have been focusing on helping busy parents focus on preserving the past for their children. This week we introduce you to a mom who is adamant at just that — preserving her’s sons memories.
Meet Emily everyone.
Hello! My name is Emily! I am a wife, mommy to a crazy 18 month old, and photographer from Southern Indiana. I am an energetic, type A with a passion for keeping my plate as full as possible! The word “bored” is not even in my vocabulary! I love to live life and enjoy the crazy ride! My business, Emily Kay Studio, specializes in newborns, children, and families! I truly love what I do!
I have a few photographer friends who suggested that I use I am always on the hunt for good quality, budget friendly, prints labs with great customer service. I have tried MANY other online labs for my photo books, and Adoramapix has been the best overall quality in color, paper, and timely delivery that I have found. I refer all of my friends and clients to Adoramapix without hesitation.
Organizing is something that I kind of enjoy. Remember, I am a Type A, with a capital A! I will admit, until my son was 1-year-old, I had not organized his photos. I had “big camera” images, cell phone images, images that people had e-mailed me, and professional family photos that I was in, all sitting on my desktop glaring at me. It was a constant overwhelming feeling of, “where do I start?” I ended up just pushing it off. I worried about somehow loosing them if I didn’t do something with them soon! I had a scare when I thought I had lost almost all of my cell phone images from my son’s birth to 12 months. Think about that for a moment. Because of my laziness, I could have lost EVERY picture from his birth. I had a slight panic attack, and decided to get myself in gear and start the process of organizing them to order. Here is what I do:
  • Get a big cup of coffee.
  • Get all of the photos into one place. I created files on my desktop and labeled them accordingly. (ex: Newborn photos, iphone photos, Family photos) Since it had been so long, I had multiple family photo sessions, and milestone sessions that I had done of my son. They each got their own folder with a date. 
  • Next, I collected all of the images from online, disks, flash drives, cell phones, etc, and dragged and dropped into these folders. This allowed me to organize all of the images from different places into one spot. I sometimes delete some out at this point if they were pointless iphone captures that I don’t care to keep. No one wants to see screenshots of recipes and Pinterest ideas.
  • After the folders were made and filled, I moved them to a spot in my pictures that I labeled, “My personal pictures.” This helps me keep them separate from my client files. 
  • I feel very strongly about backing up my files. Once you have everything nice and organized, go ahead and upload them to an online storage gallery. That way, in the event that something happens to your computer, you will have back-ups of all of your images! I will keep pictures on my computer or on an external hard drive for about a year on top of the online storage, but I do a yearly computer cleaning to keep the files from dragging down my computer. With having an online back-up, you never have to worry about if you are about to delete your precious memories. Seriously, do it.


Being a photographer, urging clients to print their photos has become my mission. Even if you took the pictures with your iphone, they are still memories that you wanted to remember, or you wouldn’t have taken them. One of my favorite things to do is go to my mom’s house and look at our baby books. The memories are so neat to look back on. When you are 70 years old, sitting around your living room with your grand children, will you have anything to show from your past? Will you have to make up some excuse that, “back in your day”, it was only a digital age and no one did anything with their pictures? How sad would that be? It is up to us to take control of this digital world that we live in and print our memories now. If we don’t, we will regret it so much in the future! Make time to go through your pictures. Make time to order them. Make time to give them to relatives. One last thing, please, for the love of everything, do not go to 1 hour drug stores to print your beautiful images! If you are going to spend the money on professional images, take the time to order them from a professional lab. The color is better and the quality is better.


Photo books have been a lifesaver for me. Since I take WAY too many photos, it would be crazy for me to find a place to display all of them. What I have dedicated myself to do, is to create a photo book every 6 months. I set a timer on my phone to remind me that it has been 6 months, I do all of the steps above, and I order a book. It takes me a couple of hours, every 6 months. That is it. When you stay on top of it, it doesn’t seem like such a burden. My books are everything that happened in that time. Whether it was a family vacation, birthday, holiday, or just 6 months of iphone pictures. They are there. Every now and then, I will create special occasion books if I don’t want them to take over one of my other books. One really amazing feature of, is that you can re-order books with one click of a button. So, when grandma sees your book and decides that she needs a copy, it is easy peasy. Great Christmas presents! :)
Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. I was really behind, and it only took me a weekend to accomplish. I gave the toddler to my husband and said, “have fun, see you tomorrow” and knocked it out! haha!  Thank you for asking me to share my thoughts. It is something I am very passionate about!