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We are now officially into the new year of 2012! We know that many of our members are just now starting to get busy for their Boudoir Season with Valentine’s Day and lots of engagements happening within the next month. We have  exquisite photo books and templates for boudoir. Why is an Adoramapix photo book so important especially for Boudoir? We do not cut your photos! Our lay-flat pages and true archival paper will leave your artistic images in tact.  Want to learn more about how to make the best boudoir book for your client? Join us for our free webinar this Sunday, January 15th at 9pm EST. You can register HERE.

We wanted to know what it takes to be a successful Boudoir Photographer. So we asked an expert, Kim Mallory of The Beautiful Woman Project the secret to her success. She lives in a smaller town, but is able to make big sales.  She gave us 5 very helpful tips.

Top Five Tips for Shooting Boudoir:

1. PREPARE YOUR CLIENT: We send our clients information about what to expect and how to prepare. It lists some style icons that match various body types to look to for inspiration, we also list our favorite places to go for lingerie. We suggest that nails are manicured, unwanted facial hair is removed and tanning is kept to a minimum. We also ask our girls to bring a selection of lingerie, shoes and accessories, at least 3 outfits so we can pick and choose and match them to our sets.

2. CREATE AN EXPERIENCE: It’s all about the experience and being pampered is a huge part of the excitement! We have a private boudoir dressing room for our clients where we offer in studio make-overs. Wine and lattes are served and the environment is warm and inviting with soft music and a romantic scent in the air. Our studio is private and relaxing.

3. DURING THE SHOOT Keep it fresh! Stay inspired and be excited about every session you do. Let your client know that you are super stoked to be shooting her and as the ideas are popping into your head verbalize those to her. I have a selection of props and accessories at the studio & there is always an outfit that can be accessorized! I make a big deal out of this and start adding accessories & props to create my vision. You are an artist first and foremost so let that shine throughout your session.

4. SHOOT TO SELL When I’m shooting, I’m thinking about the poses that sell and the album that I’m going to create. I’m also preparing my client for her ordering session by asking her what she wants to do with her images and how she is going to freak out when she sees them. I also warn her that she is not going to be able to choose! She looks amazing and she’s going to want them all! I’ll show my client an image on the back of my camera that I love to prove my point and this is a great time to get that shot where she is smiling and laughing in disbelief when she sees herself through my lens.

5. CREATE QUALITY PRODUCTS Part of my job is ensuring that the experience lasts to the very end. They have had an amazing time up to this point so we are going to continue on with inviting our client back for a viewing session. Edit & show the best of the best and make sure you have some high end quality products to compliment her gorgeous images. Help your client through the ordering process by offering your expertise in wall displays and album images and make the process easy and stress free by giving your expert opinion.

Thank you Kim!

Kim lives and works in Chilliwack, British Columbia in Canada. She is married and raises 2 daughters along with a cat that thinks its is a monkey. You can see more of Kim’s beautiful work HERE.  

Again, feel free to join us for our FREE webinar this Sunday, January 15th at 9pm EST. You can register for the webinar HERE. If you are already to go with your boudoir photo book then you can just go HERE.

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A new year means new photo book templates. We are excited to release three new themes and add them to our growing library of rich and beautiful templates.

First, did you get pictures of your children opening their presents? Or did you get a fantastic snapshot of  that great looking spread you put on for the whole family? You did ? Great! Now you need to preserve them with our beautiful, new photo book theme called Silent Night. You can find this template under holiday. With light and cool colors,  it’s sure to showcase your holiday memories beautifully and for a lifetime.

For those of you building wedding photo books — we have the tale of two very different weddings. First — are you a city bride? Great ,we have  perfect template for you. In our new city wedding template, you’ll find bold, dramatic graphics to compliment your urban wedding.


Not a city bride — but more of a beach bride? No problem we have you covered there too! Check out our new seashore wedding template. It features cool colors and pops of coral designs to give it a touch of color.  Both of these themes can be found under the wedding category.


Our unique binding system allows every page spread to lay flat without any gutter or unsightly seam to separate your pages. This means no cuts to your photographs! This system combines beautiful presentation with incredible durability. Ready to order? Perfect you can click HERE to begin the easy and intuitive process of building your beautiful, hand-crafted Adoramapix photo book that is designed to give you a lifetime of memories for you and future generations.

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Our Member of the Week comes to us from the West Coast – it’s Sean Hoyt from Seattle, Washington. Sean is no stranger to Adoramapix, he has already purchased more than 80 of our photo books and continues to impress us with his work.

Sean has been professionally photographing since 2005 and just recently picked up THE KNOT award for the Best of Weddings 2011.   Before he turned professional shutterbug, he was a graduate research assistant in electrical engineering working on robotics and circuit design.  He entered the field because of the technical challenges mixed with the psychological and artistic components. He says it’s the best of all worlds.

I asked Sean what his favorite subject to photograph was and he replied, “I enjoy photographing people and love. This could be two people  “in love” or family bonds. I use photography to express those connections.”

So Sean, knowing what you know today, if you could go back in time and give yourself some advice, what would it be?  He answered, “I would join more groups to learn from other peoples’ mistakes and triumphs. Peers also challenge and inspire me to innovate and be more creative. I’ve never been secretive about how I do my business. I think the artistry, personality and mastery of equipment is what distinguishes good from the not-so-good photographers.”

I was curious to know where Sean receives his inspiration from, he said, “Facebook is becoming huge and I follow a ton of photographers’ daily postings. I also take inspiration directly from my clients as they each have a unique story to tell. They’ve also likely done a bunch of fieldwork and bring ideas to the table. One of my favorite photographs from my portfolio is of a brial party in blue store windows. We did a bunch of prep work and bounced ideas off each other before the wedding so we could go into it and have fun. It worked out really well.”

When Sean first started out, he was toting around a D70 with a 70-200mm 2.8 lens. I asked him what he’s toting around today , he replied, “Nikon D3s, D3, D200 bodies. Nikon 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 50mm 1.4 and Tamron 11-18 DX lens that I use on the FX D3s. …I use SB-800s with Pocket Wizards and a portable beauty dish for engagement and family sessions, but have 500Ws Bowens monolights with batteries for bigger groups. Also, I  have 128GB of CF memory and a cool Custom Brackets C rotating bracket. It all goes in my ThinkTank Urban Disguise 70V2.0 bag which can hold a pro body and a telephoto lens upright in the center column. Best. Bag.  Ever.”

So what’s in the future for Sean, besides the Nikon D4? He said, “I am  actively transitioning into a hybrid “fusion” market where I will deliver both photographs and highlight films to my clients. If you thought stills photography was a challenge, try doing film. It’s immensely more difficult and rewarding.”



Thank you Sean for sharing, your work is both breath-taking and inspirational.  So if you would like to see more of his work on facebook you can click HERE.  If is your thing, feel free to follow him HERE.


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New York, NY, Jan 15, 2011 – AdoramaPix Inc, sellers of premium quality lay flat photo books have announced an unprecedented sale on their photo books. During their “Seeing is Believing” Sale, 8×8 – 14pg photo books can be purchased for only $11.95* simply by entering the code:BELIEVE at the checkout.

“It is impossible for sample photos on a website to properly convey the difference in quality between an AdoramaPix photo book and those of our competitors,” said Herman Klein, Director of AdoramaPix. “Quality is at the very heart of what we do at Adoramapix. Nowhere is this better displayed than in our photo books. With each turn of the page, you’ll see the craftsmanship and attention to detail. This sale allows customers who haven’t seen one of our photo books before to see firsthand the difference that real photo paper pages and lay flat binding can make.”

Unlike press-printed products, photo books from AdoramaPix use true archival photo paper for their pages, have lay-flat page spreads with no gutter between the pages, and one of the largest selections of shapes and sizes in the business. Superior quality and lasting durability make AdoramaPix books the perfect choice for preserving photographic memories. AdoramaPix also has their own PixPublisher photo book editor. This editor is free to use and includes a massive library of art resources, and hundreds of professionally designed book layouts that make book creation a snap.

 * Prepaids are not a part of this sale. Sale ends midnight EST January, 31, 2012.

About AdoramaPix

AdoramaPix has been serving the needs of the photographic community for over a decade. Well known for the superior quality of their photo books and excellent customer service, they have become the lab of choice for professional photographers and savvy consumers all over the country.

Media Contact – Michelle Libby: AdoramaPix: libby [at] adoramapix [dot] com

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Seeing is Believing. This is the current sale we are running on our 8×8 photo books for $11.95. We believe once you see our photo books, you will believe in quality at great prices. You can’t judge a photo book’s quality unless you have it in your hands and you are able to turn the pages. So we actually we want you to judge a book by its cover (and its pages). That’s right, judge us – we are o.k. with this, because we know our quality photo books will not disappoint.

In this special feature, called Pix Corner, we feature a photo book review by member Patrick Smith of Patrick Smith Photos. Here is his review of his first Adoramapix photo book.

“When looking to get a new photo book, I knew exactly where to go.

In the past, when I wanted a photo book, whether for myself or for a gift, I went with another company time and time again. However, I was never fully satisfied with how the book looked or felt and always struggled with the color of my photos looking off.

This time around, I thought I’d give AdoramaPix a chance. I’ve always gotten my prints from AdoramaPix, so when I read about their lay flat books, I know I needed to give them a try.I wasn’t concerned to begin with, but the ease of using the layout program was a breeze. I literally dragged and dropped my files as they were onto the pages and when I was finished, hit pay and waited patiently by my door.

To my surprise, the book was turned around and on my doorstep not even two days later. All I can say is that it’s basically prints in a book. Unlike other books, my book felt like a project taken on with care. Much like the cover, the pages are thick and durable. Not to mention, the pages could be taken out of the book (if you really wanted) and hung on a wall; they are that high quality. The colors are true, the contrast is perfect and I’ll have no problem showing this to other professionals.

With that in mind, since getting my book I’ve shown my book to other photographers and those with no knowledge of photography. The response is always the same: “Stunning!”

While there are some limitations regarding pages, it forces you to edit tightly to make an everlasting memory book.

I know where I’ll be getting my books in the future.” – Patrick Smith of Patrick Smith Photos.

Thank you Patrick! Your artistry is amazing. If you would like to Judge a Book by its Cover – let us know! We would love to feature your honest feedback and critique. You can email me at


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