Nov 2014 20

The Holidays are just around the corner and it’s during this time of year we often become nostalgic. As we begin to make new memories, it’s important to keep the old memories alive with print. You shouldn’t need a fully charged phone or electricity to view memories of yesteryear. With this in mind, we have a few suggestions for holiday photo books for you to make for yourself, your loved ones and your friends.

• Winter Fun

Take photos of the family having fun in the snow – ice skating or sledding. We have a great selection of winter assets that can be used as backdrops and hundreds of winter themed stickers to add to your design.


(Template: Happy Holidays)


• Holiday Recipes

Remember Grandma’s pumpkin pie? No? Well start to collect recipes from the family and friends and publish in a holiday recipe book. This is definitely something you will want to gift to others.  We have a food template that is easily customizable. I switched the colors to red and added snowflakes for a more holiday feel.


(Template: Recipe Book with colors altered to match food and snowflakes added from stickers library)


• Holiday Traditions

Take photos of the holiday traditions that are unique to your family and commemorate them in your own book.  From decorating the holiday tree to making gingerbread houses, all of these little things are what make memories. Pass those memories and traditions on to the next generation by taking pictures of them and printing them in a photo book.


(Template: Holiday Magic)

• Holiday Toys

One year they want toy cars, the next year it’s all lego. As the years pass, your children will grow away from toys. However, why not give their toys their own special photo book? Your kids will love it when they get older and see what they played with on the holidays. Get creative and take close ups of the toys as well as your child playing with the toys.  You can also incorporate their Christmas wish list. It will be fun to view their handwriting through the years and the toys that sparked their imaginations.


(Template: Custom Built with Snow Flake Background)

Holiday Thank You Book

If you’ve received gifts from out of town family, make a photo book with holiday photos, including some in which their gifts are being enjoyed as a personalized thank you.


(Template: Silent Night)


We hope that a few of these suggestions will give you some ideas on the many different holiday photo books you can make. When it comes down to it, preserving your past for the next generation is easy when you print your pictures in an AdoramaPix photo book.


-Written by Libby for AdoramaPix

Nov 2014 19

Each week through the holiday season, we will share with you some great ideas on sizes and gallery wall ideas. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see how they may fit into a space.

For this week’s installment we wanted to show you a trio. A simple 24×36 with (2) 11x14s, all are landscape.



If you have any ideas, let us know! We’d love to know how you put your gallery walls together. Email


Nov 2014 17

It’s  the time of year when we dream about the perfect holiday family portrait.  However, what we wish for and what we get are two different things sometimes. I have photographed a lot of amazing families over the years and one of the questions they always ask is, “What should we wear?”  Thanks to the birth of Pinterest, it’s now easy to point people to a specific board and blog posts.  However,  there are a few items that you won’t see discussed a lot but they are just as important as what to wear.


1. Black Shoes and Black Socks

This tip is specifically for the men and boys in your life. Although, they may have dark pants and dark shoes on, as soon as they sit down the pants raise by the ankle showing off their socks. . Unfortunately, the white socks then become one of the brightest objects in the portraits.  This is where the eye will go first if it’s the brightest.  You don’t want the eye drawn to someone’s socks in a portrait, so keep it classic and clean and match the dark shoes and the dark pants with the dark socks.


2. Hair to Dye for

This typically pertains to women.  Moms are often so overwhelmed with making sure everyone is set for the holiday pictures, that they often neglect themselves. Moms need to take the time to



3. Tennis Shoes are for Running not Pictures

There are a few items that can date your family photo quickly. One is wearing white tennis shoes in your image. Tennis shoes change drastically year to year and you can typically pinpoint the year an image was taken just by the runners. Keep it simple and ban the white tennis shoes. Plain and dark will always be in style for shoes. If all else fails, you can always have everyone take their shoes off. This keeps it uniform and fun.


4. Chapped Lips No More

About a week before pictures, make sure everyone is using their chapstick. It’s the time of year when everyone’s skin gets a little dry. So to make sure everyone puts their best face forward  just remind everyone to use it daily before the pictures and you’ll save your photographer time on the back end.


5. Iron it Out

Iron your clothing the night before you portrait. Photoshopping wrinkles out of clothing can be time consuming and  expensive if it’s done to all of the images. Yes, you’ll need to iron even the jeans as well. Nothing looks more put together than great fitting clothing with no wrinkles. You want the attention on your faces, not what you are wearing.


-Written by Libby for Adoramapix with tips from our members

- Images by Shutterstock for editorial purposes





Nov 2014 14

It’s the time of year when Holiday Wishes come true! We want to help make some of your wishes come true with #PixWish.
Simply follow us on facebook, Twitter, g+ or instagram and tell us what product of ours you’d like to see go on sale! Tag your wish #PixWish so we can find your wish!
One lucky member will have their wish granted and everyone will benefit with a flash sale on that product.  We’ll have steep discounts for your wishes, but you have to be tuned in to our social media channels to reap the benefits!
#PixWish ends November 30th.
Nov 2014 09

You’re going to want to share, tweet, double tap and +1 this exciting news! We are thrilled to  announce FREE Shipping to our U.S. members!  You asked for free shipping and we listened.  You may have noticed this year we have introduced a lot of new exciting products, acrylic prints, flush mount albums, linen, pebble, metallic and deep matte papers. Well now we are rolling out FREE shipping to our US customers – just in time for the holidays! Here is what you can expect as of November 10th with AdoramaPix.

Free Economy Shipping on Orders Shipped Within the Continental US
For all of our customers :

FREE Economy Shipping (4-7 days) on orders $39 and more

For Pro Members:

Free Standard Shipping (2-4 days) on orders $29 and more

(Standard shipping still applies for international orders. International orders are $29.95 and Canada is $12.00.)



This is just one small change we are implementing. Within the next year alone, we will be taking great strides in offering even more to our members.  We can’t think of a better gift to give our members this holiday season than free shipping. Thank you for your business!

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