Jun 2014 26

Welcome to wedding season! Now is the busy time of the year when brides and grooms walk down the aisle to say their vows and celebrate with friends and family. After the party is over though, you’ll have hundreds sometimes thousands of images to process.  Now is the time to get creative! If you’ve waited now for a year, guess what? The traditional anniversary gift for one year of marriage is paper. We couldn’t think of a better gift than an Adoramapix wedding photo book made with true archival photo paper.

We have added some new themes to our photo book line up that fits the bill perfectly for weddings.


The clean classic lines and simple understated elegance of our pinstripe wedding theme make a great showcase for your most treasured wedding photos.



Let your wedding photos tell their own story with the clean, understated elegance of our exquisite theme. The big bold photos and timeless style will be a pleasure to look back on for years to come.


[white light]

This theme is a perfect for holding a large selection of photos using clean, open layouts. Although not in the wedding photo book category, it lends itself well to today’s modern look.


For a glance at more of our wedding photo books, click HERE to view the others in our template gallery.

Jun 2014 25

One in four people around the world will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year, according to the Mental Health Foundation.  With this staggering statistic, there is a non profit organization hoping to shed some light on those affected through photography and an exhibit.

The exhibit is called From Darkness to Light and it’s being featured at the Fountain Gallery, located at 702 Ninth Avenue at 48th Street in New York City from June 26- August 13, 2014. The show represents artists  living with or affected by mental illness  It spotlights photographs by Broken Light Collective, the foremost online photography gallery for people affected by mental illness. Adoramapix is proud to provide prints for this exhibit.

“The photographic mélange of images in this show represents a variety of mental states as well as photographic genres including self-portrait, nature, abstract, street photography and more,” said Danielle Hark, founder of Broken Light Collective. “In these images we observe dark and light, suffering and hope. We  see things that are broken or abandoned, but we also find life emerging from the rubble. We see people in pain as well as those finding light at the end of the tunnel. As an artist with mental illness and a mental health advocate, I am honored to be curating this exhibit for Fountain Gallery.”


From Darkness to Light represents a cross section of the Broken Light Collective online gallery in terms of style, location, age, and mental health and developmental challenges. The 36 photographers from around the globe who are featured in the show have been affected by conditions including depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, addiction, and autism.


Broken Light Collective is a safe and accepting  environment in which photographers of all levels who are affected by mental health challenges can display their work while inspiring one another to keep going and keep creating. Since launching in 2012, Broken Light Collective’s daily online gallery has grown to over 10,000 contributors from more than 150 countries. The team is currently developing new initiatives to further Broken Light’s mission of using photography as a vehicle for fighting stigma, raising awareness, and enhancing the lives of people affected by mental illness.

unnamed (1)

Again, the gallery show is from June 26th through August 13th. The opening reception is tomorrow night from 6-8 pm at The Fountain Gallery at 702 Ninth Avenue at 48th Street in New York City.


Jun 2014 25

We love to see how creative our members get with our products. Each month, we will showcase ways to be inspired and artistic. This month we focus on a simple > than $4.00 frame for your  prints.

If you are like me, I constantly love to change my photos out. I also love to mix vintage with modern.  I was at thrift store the other day and noticed a bag of wooden hangers for $1.99. I noticed a gem in there with a true vintage wooden hanger. I bought the bag and headed off to a craft store to find some binder clips with modern patterns.  I found 6 of them for only $2.00. It was easy to clip the image to the hanger by just opening the clip. Be warned though, this will leave a dimple in your picture. Pictures that work best for most of these regular hangers are 11x14s or 12x12s are excellent too.

adoramapix9 (2)

adoramapix9 (3)

adoramapix9 (4)
If you don’t have the time to scour antique or thrift stores for vintage hangers, that’s ok. If you still want the look, you kind find these pant hangers everywhere.  I love the mixture of the wood with the steel. If you really want to get creative, you can stain the hangers to your shade of choice. I actually liked this shade. These hangers are a bit smaller than regular hangers so I used an 8×8 square print leaving an inch on each side. Again, be warned this will probably leave a dimple on your print as the hanger is putting direct pressure on the image. If you are worried about the image curling at the bottom, you can tape some coins to the back to anchor it.

adoramapix9 (7)
adoramapix9 (8)


As far as hanging them, they are very light weight so all you need is a finishing nail.

adoramapix9 (5)


adoramapix9 (6)
adoramapix9 (1)

If you have any creative ways you display your Adoramapix images, feel free to show us! Email and we’ll showcase your ideas. Make sure to follow us on Pinterest for more inspirational decorating.


Jun 2014 24

We’ve all been there and we’ve all done it. We take an amazing picture and we hi-5 ourselves. Then we get home and load it to our computer only to find out, we cut off our subjects limb or fingers. Unfortunately, you can’t add those back in to the image but you might be able to crop  in tighter.

In this week’s Photography Bootcamp 101, we take a look at #3 in the 5 most common mistakes photographers make – limp chopping.  The human eye and what you actually captured with your camera are two completely different images and one can fool the other. However, once you learn to condition yourself when looking through the frame, you’ll find it easier to not make this mistake.


You’ll also be more confident and mindful of leaving all the digits in the frame.


Our friend Courtney Slazinik from Click It Up A Notch sgives us great advice on avoiding this common pitfall.

Jun 2014 19

Little learners are big on art work! As a parent, I love the end of the school year and seeing all the homework, projects and art that my child has done over the course of his school year. What is not so lovely is trying to figure out how to keep it or archive it.  We have a few solutions for you.

In this week’s Photo Book Design Corner, we are going to go out of the norm and give you a few ideas on how you can cleverly display their art work in a photo book. One of the easiest ways I have found to archive the mini-Picasso’s work is to take pictures of the art. Then upload them and make a photo book out of them. It’s quite simple using our PixPublisher online software. I found “Portfolio  in White” to be my favorite lay-out for this type of photo book.  It’s clean and let’s the images take up most of the  real estate on the page. Since the artwork is so colorful, less is more when it comes to page backgrounds.kidsartphotobook

I also like to include self portraits of the kids. I’ll have them draw pictures of themselves to add to their photo books. It’s fun to see how they see themselves over the years.


Finally, I always have the kids say what they wan to be when they grow up. I’ll include some text but only in the front and the back of the Adoramapix photo book. I’ll also do an introduction that lays out their age and their favorite things. In short, it’s more than just an art book, it’s how they view the world and thes at this specific time in their lives. kidsartphotobook3


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